Friday, September 19, 2014

Moutabel ~ Qatar Cuisine


Moutabel is a Middle Eastern grilled eggplant dip. This Qatari dip is a little similar to Baba ghanoush, which includes onion & tomatoes in it.
In making Moutabel I choose to grill eggplants on stove top method, as it leaves a nice flavor to the eggplant when it is burnt directly on the heat. You can even cook it in oven to avoid the mess. 
The other important ingredient in this dish is the tahini paste. Tahini is a smooth sesame paste that actually gives creamy texture to this dish. I used a store bought one but one can make this paste at home too. The other ingredients added in add a nice flavor & taste to the dish. That’s it for now & enjoy this dip.
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Adapted from here.
Prep Time-15mins | Cook Time-20mins | Serves-2people 
1Italian eggplant
2Tbs tahini paste
1Garlic clove
1Tsp lemon juice 
2Green chili's {adjust as needed}
1Tbs olive oil
Salt to taste 
Cilantro or Basil for garnish
- Roast the egg plant on stove top. Cool it before you go ahead with peeling the skin. 
- Peel skin of eggplant & keep it in a bowl. Mash it to a chunky paste 
- Now grind green chili's, garlic & tahini to smooth paste. {You can grind eggplant too if you want a smooth moutabel.}
- Mix the grind paste & olive oil with mashed eggplant. 
- Add in salt & lemon juice. Mix well & adjust taste if needed. 
- Serve it with chips, veggies , pita bread or have it as you wish. 
- Moutabel is smooth in texture. So as mentioned above grind eggplant for the texture.
- Taste was perfect for me, adjust if needed.
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