Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kanda Bachali Kura | Suran/Yam Malabar Spinach Curry

1 Cup chopped yam / kanda 
2 Cups malabar spinach / bachali koora
2Tbs tamarind pulp
1Tbs mustard powder 
1Tbs sugar 
2Tbs oil 
1Tbs mustard seeds 
1Tbs jeera
1Tbs channa dal 
1Tbs urad dal 
4Red chilis cut equally
1Tsp hing / asafoetida 

1. Heat pan with oil and add seasoning to it. Once they are done now add greens to the pan and fry it well. 
2. Mean while pressure cook Yam for 1 whistle or cook them in a microwave. Smash yam with a spoon to a rough paste. 
3. Now add pasted Yam to pan and mix it with tamarind juice salt and sugar.
4. Cook it for 10mins and remove from heat. 
5. Add mustard powder to pan and mix well. 

* Serve with Rice.

Note: Yam will have a Slight itchy feel when you touch it and even after cooking. To avoid that you have to add a pinch of tamarind juice while pressure cooking it. ( Tip from MOM)


  1. I love this authentic telugu dish amma used to make it beautifully..ur dish remaind me that ...thankq somuch for sharing


  2. Interesting combo,never tried adding spinach to suran. That was a nice tip too, I used to apply oil before chopping :)

  3. Different combo of using yam and spinach. looks healthy.

  4. Thanks for all u r lovely comments... :-)

  5. a bouquet of flavours you have in this beautiful dish!

  6. Lovely greens recipe,totally enjoy eating greens,Yummy!