Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shorshe Dharosh

Shorshe Dharosh or Okra in Mustard sauce is a deliciously tasting dish with interesting flavors. This bengali dish is made of fried okra cooked in mustard sauce to a thick gravy. This is a simple gravy curry easy to make for your busy days.

Prep Time-30mins | Cook Time-10mins | Serves-3 to 4 people 
Adapted : A Mad Tea Party
15Okra's {cut them into half if they are too long}
1/4Cup water 
1Tsp red chili powder {optional}
Pinch of sugar
Salt to taste
For gravy
2Tbs mustard seeds
1Tbs poppy seeds
4Tbs grated coconut
1/4Tsp turmeric
2Green chili's
2Tbs yogurt
2Tbs water 
1Tsp fenugreek seeds
1Tsp nigella seeds
Few curry leaves
1Tbs oil 
- Soak mustard & poppy seeds for 20mins. 
- Grin all the ingredients under gravy to a smooth paste. You can use use a mortar & pestle or your grinder to make the paste. 
- Wash & pat dry okras. Cut them to half if they are too long.
- Heat pan with oil. Add the seasoning to pan & after few seconds of frying them add okra to pan.
- Fry them for 2mins. Add the gravy paste & red chili powder to pan along with water.
- Cook with a closed lid for 5mins on a medium heat. Okra will be cooked perfect by now.
- Add salt & sugar to pan. Balance the flavor if needed. 
- Cook for 1mins & switch off heat.
- Serve with rice or roti. 
- You can reduce mustard to 1Tbs & increase poppy seeds to 2tbs to reduce the mustard taste.
- Red chili powder is optional. If you green chili's aren't hot enough then use red chili powder. 
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aloo Tamatar ka Jhol

Aloo Tamatar ka Jhol is a traditional Uttaranchal dish. This dish is very simple & easy to make for busy days. Other than the main ingredients this dish is cooked using ghee & tempered with methi seeds. This is suppose to be a gravy dish but I made it a dry one.

Cooking Details
Prep Time-10mins 
Cook Time-20mins 
2Potatoes cubed
2Tomatoes chopped
1Small onion sliced
1Tsp ginger chopped
2Garlic chopped
1Tsp chili powder
1/4Tsp turmeric 
1/2 Tsp garam masala
1Tsp cumin
1/4Tsp fenugreek seeds
1Tbs ghee {oil}
Few coriander branches for garnish
- Heat pan with oil. Add jeera to pan & fry it till changes to light brown.
- Now add chopped garlic & ginger pieces. Fry them for few seconds & add onion's to pan. 
- Fry them till they are translucent.
- Add tomatoes to pan. Add turmeric, red chili powder & salt to pan. 
- Add cut potatoes to pan & close pan with a lid. 
- Cook till potatoes are soft & done with a closed lid.
- Add garam masala to pan & fry for 2mins. Adjust salt & chili powder if needed.
- Garnish with coriander & switch off heat. 
- Serve warm with rice & roti. 
- Instead of ghee use oil if you like. 
- To make it a gravy add 2cups water before adding potatoes to pan. 
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Kesari Mishthan | Kesari Kheer

Kheer is an Indian dessert made of rice & milk. It is a rice pudding which is very popular & enjoyed nation wide. There are  many variations to this dish. You can replace rice with vermicelli or broken wheat & can customize the dish according to your taste. This dish is made for special occasions, festivals & also for midnight cravings.
Cooking Details
Prep Time-5mins 
Cook Time-1hr
1/4Cup rice
3/4Cup water
2Cups milk
1/2Cup condensed milk {optional}
1/4Cup sugar
1/2Tsp saffron strands
Dry fruits {almonds, raisins}
1Tsp cardamon powder
- Soak saffron starnds in 4Tbs warm milk.
- Pressure cook rice with 3/4cup water for 2whistles. Switch off heat & allow pressure cooker to cool.
- In a deep vessel mix cooked rice with milk & cook it on low heat till the mixture becomes thick. 
- Add sugar, saffron milk & cardamon powder to milk. 
- Cook for few seconds & add dry fruits to kheer. Switch off heat. 
- Refrigerate kheer & serve chill.
- Condensed milk is sweet so if you want to use condensed milk add it before adding sugar to kheer & check the taste before mixing sugar.
- If you think the consistency of kheer is too thick add another cup of milk.
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Saturday, April 26, 2014



Mosdeng is a chatni made of grinding red chili in to paste along with vegetables & fish. Being a vegetarian I omitted fish from the dish & customized it. So this dish tasted very good & was also easy to make.

Cooking Details
Prep Time - 20mins 
Cook time - 10mins 
Serves - 2people
Adapted From : Tripura Society
2Tomatoes chopped
1Garlic chopped 
1Small onion chopped
6Red chili's
1Tbs oil
Salt to taste
Few coriander bunches for garnish 
- Soak red chili's with enough water for 10mins or more if needed. Grind it to smooth paste by adding needed water & keep aside.
- Heat pan with oil. Add chopped onion & garlic to pan & fry it translucent. 
- To the pan add chili paste & fry till the water evaporates. 
- Next add chopped tomatoes & salt to pan. Cook them soft with a closed lid. 
- Once the tomatoes are soft switch off heat & garnish with coriander leaves. 
- Serve with rice with a dollop of ghee.
- You can replace red chili's with green chili's. 
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Keerai Kootu

Keerai Kootu

Kootu is a speciality of Tamil Nadu cuisine. This green kootu dish is filled with proteins, vitamins & packed with lots of goodness to it. Kootu dish has variations to it as it can be cooked with different vegetables mixing either with toor dal or moon dal. My mom version is little different & it will be on a little dry side than this dish. She adds black peppers to the spice paste as I did here & no onion or garlic in the dish. 

Keerai Kootu
Cooking Details 
Prep Time-5mins 
Cook Time-45mins 
Serves - 3 to 4 People
1/2Cup moong dal 
1Cup water
Salt to tate
To grind 
1/4Cup +1Tbs grated coconut
1/2Tsp jeera 
1Tsp black pepper
1/4Tsp turmeric
1Green chilli
3Cups chopped spinach 
2Tbs oil
1Tbs urad dal 
1Tsp mustard seeds 
2Red chili's cut equally
Few curry leaves  
1/2Tsp hing {asafetida}
- Wash moong dal with water & pressure cook it with 1cup water for 2whistles. Switch off heat & allow pressure cooker to cool. 
- Grind the ingredients to coarse paste. 
- In a pan mix grind paste, cooked dal & salt. Now cook dal on low heat for 15mins. Stir it once in a while to avoid lumps. 
- Slowly raw smell of spinach vanishes. Adjust salt if needed.
- Heat another small pan with oil. To that add mustards, urad dal & red chili's. Once the mustard starts jumping add curry leaves & hing to pan. Cook for 10sec & switch off heat. 
- Now add seasoning to dal & mix well. Cook dal on low heat for 2mins & switch off heat.
- Serve it warm with rice, ghee & papadums.
- You can pressure cook spinach along with moong dal, but it will loose it's green color changing to darkish green. 
- I used a little more of black pepper while reducing green chili's. Add one more green chili if you like it spicy. 
- Onion can be added to the grinding ingredients if desired. 

Keerai Kootu

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thupka | Gya Thuk


Thupka or Gya thuk is a well-known soup of northeastern states. Sikkim, a state of India & is also part of northern states very popular for it's cuisine in northeastern states. Sharing Sikkim's simple yet comforting soup made of spice paste, noodle & veggies. This soup can be soothing for chilling winters. 

Cooking Details 
Prep Time-10mins 
Cook Time-30mins
Adapted From : SBS
1Carrot sliced thin in to equal parts 
Few branches of spring onion chopped
2Cups water or vegetable broth 
Rice noodles 50g
1Tbs oil
Salt to taste 
1Tbs lemon juice
To Grind
1Small onion chopped
2Tomatoes chopped
1/2Tsp ginger
1Tsp cumin
2Red chili's
- Grind the ingredients under grind to smooth paste.
- Heat pan with oil. Add paste to pan. 
- Fry it till the raw smell goes off. 
- Add vegetable broth to pan & cook it on low heat for 10mins.
- To the broth add carrots & cook for few minutes. Switch off heat. 
- Add salt & lemon juice to soup & adjust taste if needed. 
- Heat a deep vessel with full of water with little salt. Bring water to boil & switch off heat. Add noodles to vessel. Stir occasionally if needed. After 5mins drain  water & wash noodles with cold water.
- Transfer soup in to serving bowls & top with cooked rice noodles.
- Garnish with spring onions & serve right away.


- Check instruction back of the noodle box to cook them. 
- You can veggies of your choice to the broth. 
- Don't over cook veggies. 
- If the red chili's you are using are less spicier then add a green chili to the grind paste.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bajra ki Roti | Sojja Rottelu

Bajra ki Roti

Bajra ki roti is a Rajasthani dish made of pearl millet's or sajjalu (in telugu). These roti's are enjoyed along with lahsun ki Chutney & kadhi. This roti's are little different from your regular roti or chapati in texture ad taste. As all of the dishes these roti's are easy to make & delicious to eat.

Bajra ki Roti
Cooking Details
Prep Time-20mins 
Cook Time-15mins 
Serves-5 roti
Adapted From:Indian Kitchen
1Cup bajra flour
4Tbs atta flour 
2Tbs butter
4Tbs dried fenugreek leaves
Salt to taste 
Warm water to knead dough
- Mix bajra, atta flour,fenugreek leaves, salt in a bowl. 
- Add little by little warm water while forming a dough. 
- Close dough with a wet cloth & allow it to sit on a counter for 15mins. 
- Now take a foil or a plastic sheet & grease it with little oil. 
- Divide dough to equal balls. 
- Take a ball of dough & place it on the sheet. Now press it with less pressure, while expanding dough on all sides. 
- Don't expand it too thin & round the edges nicely. 
- Heat pan with butter/ghee.Place a roti on it.
- cook it on one side & apply ghee to roti. Cook for few seconds & reverse it to other. 
- Now layer a little ghee & allow to cook. 
- You can see little dark circles forming on each side you cooked. 
- Transfer roti to a plate & repeat the same with rest of the dough balls.
- Don't add too much water. 
- Add little more of flour if needed.

Bajra ki Roti
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BWW #127

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