Monday, April 14, 2014

Kande Poha {Version 2}

Kande Poha

Madhya Pradesh is situated in central part of India. The staple food are wheat, meat, rice & fish. They changed from region to region. The well know dishes from this state are korma, sabudana Kichiri, biryani, pilaf, dal bafla, milk based dishes & many more.
Kande Poha is a breakfast dish & it is served along with jalebi in Indore and Malwa regions. The fennel seeds added in the dish varies this dish from Maharashtrian style kande poha.

Kande Poha
Prep Time-10mins | Cook Time-15mins | Serves-1person
Adapted From : Desi Soccer Mom
1Cup thick poha {flattened Rice}
1small onion finely chopped
1Small potato finely chopped
2Green chili's slit into half
1/4Cup green peas 
1/2Tsp turmeric
1Tsp sugar
Salt to taste
1Tbs lemon juice {optional}
Few coriander leaves for garnish 
2Tbs coconut flakes for garnish
For seasoning 
1Tbs oil
1Tsp mustard seeds
1Tsp fennel seeds
Few curry leaves 
- Wash poha with water & drain any left over water. Keep aside. 
- Heat pan with oil. To that add mustards, fennel & curry leaves.
- Once the mustard starts jumping add onions & green chili's to pan. 
- Fry them translucent & add potatoes & green peas to pan. 
- Close pan with lid & cook till potatoes are cooked. 
- Check if potatoes are cooked. Then add turmeric, sugar, salt & poha to pan. Mix them well & adjust taste if needed. 
- Cook poha on low heat for 2min-3mins. Switch off heat. Mix lemon juice with poha.
- Garnish with coriander leaves & grated coconut.
- As mentioned lemon juice is optional. Drizzling a little will boost the flavor of the dish.
- Recipe I followed used fruits like pomegranate & grapes as garnish.

Kande Poha
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