Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kadumanga Achar | Kerala Mango Pickle

Mango Pickle

Kerala is know as God Own's Country as it is one of the beautiful place of south Indian states. The scenic beauty of this states attracts many tourists to this state. Kerala cuisine has a special place in south Indian cuisine. 
Kadumanga pickle is a Kerala style pickle made of mangoes & mix of spices. This is a spicy yet tangy pickle, which makes you want more. The recipe was asking a stay time of 5-6hrs but I reduced it for 2hrs. 

Mango Pickle
Prep Time-6hrs| Cook Time-15mins | Serves - 4people
Adapted : Ria's Collections
2Cups chopped mango {1Medium mango}
1&1/2Tsp salt
2Tbs oil
1Tsp mustard seeds
2 Garlic cloves sliced
1Tsp ginger grated
3Green chili's 
2Tsp red chili powder {As needed}
1/2Cup water
6curry leaves
1/4 Tsp turmeric
1Tsp hing {Asafetida}
1Tsp methi powder 
Salt for taste
- Mix salt & mango pieces aside. Leave them for at least 2hrs. 
- Heat pan with oil. To that add mustard seeds. Once they start jumping add garlic , curry leaves, ginger & green chili's to pan. Stir them for few seconds.
- To that add red chili powder & turmeric. stir fry them for few seconds & add water. 
- Bring the masala to boil & to that add hing & methi powder. 
- Cook the masala till becomes thick & when the water evaporates you can the oil layer on top. 
- Switch off & add the mango pieces to pan. Mix them well. Adjust taste (salt & spiciness) if needed. 
- Serve with rice along with a dollop of ghee. 
- You can use 2cups grated mango instead of pieces. 
- Use red chili's instead of green one's to reduce the spiciness of this dish.

Mango Pickle
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  1. Tangy and lovely looking mango pickle. I could have them for days together.

  2. This is what we are surviving on in this lent kadumanga.... looks so mouthwatering

  3. Lovely pickle. Loved the first picture!

  4. tangy and yummy pickle!!! so tempting and delicious... love this with curd..

  5. Hard to resist to this tonguetickling pickle, i can have some happily with a bowl of rice.

  6. Wow! Irresistible pickle. Looks so inviting...

  7. This is one such finger licking,instant mango pickle..well done and nice shots..

  8. this pickle would be perfect with some curd rice

  9. The picture has turned out so well...I am sure the pickle must be lip smacking!

  10. Bookmarked for making immediately

  11. Mouthwatering pickle! Btw, fyi, your links in the linky are not working. Even the Karnataka link did not work .

    1. Thank you Usha. I will correct the links..

  12. wow thats an mouthwatering achar :) wish i cud lick some right away ,tempting me dear !!

  13. Tempting pickle.Great with curd rice :)

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  15. Mouthwatering pickle..feel like grabbing that jar from the screen.

  16. wow i just love pickle and i will try this at my luxury hotels in mumbai