Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gulab Jamun

Whole milk - 4 litres
Maida (all purpose flour) - 1/2 kg
Curd (yogurt) - 1 tbsp
Baking soda - 1 tsp
Sugar - 2 litres
Lemon - 1/2
Ghee - 2 cups for deep frying.

Method to Make Khova:

In a wide mouthed heavy bottom pan add the milk and heat it in a medium flame (add a couple of stainless steel spoons into the milk to avoid burning)
Reduce the milk for 3-4 hours till the milk solidifies and becomes thick.
Whip together yogurt and baking soda
To the khova add the flour and yogurt mixture and knead till it forms a pliant dough. (make sure not to add too much flour, just enough flour to make the khova pliant)
Make 3/4 inch diameter balls and set aside
Prepare sugar syrup
In a pan add the sugar and just enough water to cover the sugar. Heat till it comes to a boil.
Squeeze the half of the lemon (this is to avoid sugar crystals). Set aside.
Deep frying the Jamuns
Heat the ghee and deep fry the balls, adding a few at a time till golden brown.

Remove them from oil & drop them right away in to the sugar syrup.Let them sit for a few hours, so that the jamuns can get all the syrup in them.


Normally ghee is recommended for frying the jamuns, but regular cooking oil can also be used.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My First Event " Spicy Fiery Chutneys "

" Spicy Fiery Chutneys " is my first event and very excited to announce it.

Chutney is a most common dish in Indian Household but the taste and preparation may vary from place to place. They are made using Fresh vegetable , Different Dals and even with Fresh herbs too.
This spicy one can go along as side dish for any food like Chapati, Rice, Idli , Dosa etc...So let' bring all the chutneys in one place with my "Spicy Fiery Chutneys" event.

Here are the" rules "for the event :
  • Prepare Spicy as you wish.(Only Vegetarian).
  • Post it in your blog and link the recipe to my Event.
  • If you have a recipe posted in your blog please repost it.
  • Use of Logo is Appreciated.
  • Can send multiple entries.
  • Don't have a blog send in your recipe along with a picture of your dish.
  • Event starts from 7th Oct'09 - 7th Nov'09
  • Send all your recipes to with below detail
Subject : Spicy Fiery Chutneys
Name :
Entry Name :
Entry Url :
Blog Name:
State of origination:
Attach a picture of the recipe with your mail.

Hope this will be a successful event .. :)))) Looking ahead for all your lovely entries..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yummy Pasta with Coriander Pesto

Yummy Yummy Pasta

My DH prefers having any dish in Indian Style.While making Pasta I was thinking of making some changes according to his taste.Added Onions,Tomatoes to Pasta even cooked Pesto a bit which he likes and served it with lots of cheese for him...
Here I call it as Indian Touch


1 cup Macaroni
2 Tomatoes
1 Onion

Cheese to garnish

For Pesto

2 cups Coriander Leaves
1/3 cup of Almonds or Pine Nuts
2 garlic Pods
3 Tbs Olive Oil
4 Tbs Cheese ( according to your choice)
2 Tbs Black Pepper powder
salt for Taste

Grind Coriander leaves, Almonds and Garlic in a food processor. Now add oil while grinding the the above ingredient.Add Cheese, Salt and Black Pepper powder. Make it a nice paste.

For Pasta

1. Boil water in a vessel with little salt added to it .
2. Add dry pasta and cook them till they are done. Drain water and keep them aside.
3. Heat a pan with little olive oil and add onions to it. fry them till they turn Light brown then add tomatoes to it.
4 Allow tomatoes to cook till they are done.Now add Pesto to it and mix it well in the pan for few seconds.
5. Add cooked pasta to it and mix them well. Sprinkle cheese on top of it.

* If you are a cheese lover then add more cheese to pasta and micro wave it for few seconds...It tastes yummy...