Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My First Event " Spicy Fiery Chutneys "

" Spicy Fiery Chutneys " is my first event and very excited to announce it.

Chutney is a most common dish in Indian Household but the taste and preparation may vary from place to place. They are made using Fresh vegetable , Different Dals and even with Fresh herbs too.
This spicy one can go along as side dish for any food like Chapati, Rice, Idli , Dosa etc...So let' bring all the chutneys in one place with my "Spicy Fiery Chutneys" event.

Here are the" rules "for the event :
  • Prepare Spicy as you wish.(Only Vegetarian).
  • Post it in your blog and link the recipe to my Event.
  • If you have a recipe posted in your blog please repost it.
  • Use of Logo is Appreciated.
  • Can send multiple entries.
  • Don't have a blog send in your recipe along with a picture of your dish.
  • Event starts from 7th Oct'09 - 7th Nov'09
  • Send all your recipes to with below detail
Subject : Spicy Fiery Chutneys
Name :
Entry Name :
Entry Url :
Blog Name:
State of origination:
Attach a picture of the recipe with your mail.

Hope this will be a successful event .. :)))) Looking ahead for all your lovely entries..


  1. Nice event will try to send in something. Do participate in my next event

  2. hey nice theme...will send u my chutneys for sure...plz visit my place also

  3. I am a new comer here. Nice and easy theme .Will send my entry soon.Do visit my blog

  4. Did you receive my entry? Kindly acknowledge.

  5. Hi,
    First time here. You have a lovely space. Interesting event here. Will send in some recipes

  6. thanks for the invite valli. will send in my entry

  7. Yummy event dear.. will send some..!

  8. Nice event,will send my recipe soon

  9. Hi Valli,

    First time here.
    Nice event.
    Will definitely try sending some entries to ur event.
    visit my blog when u have time dear

  10. hi Nice event will send some recipes soon. do participate in my cheese event

  11. Nice event will try to send something...

  12. hi,first visit to your bog,nice template,will sure participate in the event,and do visit my blog yar

  13. Thank you friends for all your lovely comments.. Do send me in your recipes..


  14. Hi,

    Great theme...loved the logo...will def send u my chutneys!!

  15. Valli, emailed you about an entry...


  16. Hey Sreevalli, firts time at ur blog. Nice space u've got here, following you now!! I 'd also send you an entry for the event very sooooon!!

  17. Nice event I have sent some chutneys for the event if u hav received these entries, can u kindly acknowledge?

  18. I just came to know about your event today. Count me in.And Good Luck with the hosting.

  19. Missed the event.....would love to participate in ur next event....