Friday, December 11, 2015

{Product Review} Procizion - Digital Kitchen Scale PRO8006

Have you ever used a digital kitchen scale? If not, it's time you should get one. Today I'm sharing a review on Procizion-Digital Kitchen Scale PRO8006and it is really worthy for it's price.

Procizion-Digital Kitchen Scale PRO8006
I got this product in mail few weeks back. As you see this product comes with measuring spoons, a micro fibre cloth & 2 set of batteries. This product is sleek, beautiful & takes very less space in your kitchen. Cleaning is very easy & food will not stuck anywhere as it is a plain glass. The micro fibre cloth that comes with this product comes in very handy while cleaning it.

This advanced digital scale with touch sensitive buttons is simple to use & easy to maintain. This scale comes with a black reflective tempered glass, which is more stronger than any other glass. The button on/off helps in operating the scale easily.

This scale convert weights to Kilograms, grams, pounds & to ounces by just pressing the "Unit" button as you have seen in the picture. This digital scale is equipped with 4 new, high-precision GFX sensors & can weight accurately from 0.1oz to 11lbs/5kgs of weight. 

How to use???
As I said earlier using this scale is very simple. If you want to weight in particular food item & if you can't weight it directly on the scale you can use a bowl as shown above & weight it first. This scale gives you a tare option. As you see once you press tare the weight of bowl goes to zero. Then you can add the particular food for an exact weight of it.{I was weighing almonds in grams.}

You can use this scale for any kind of cooking measurements & also for dietary needs. I'm watching my diet for past few months & this scale is helping me very well in managing my diet.

Procizion-Digital Kitchen Scale PRO8006is a top notch scale that is available in the market, so grab while they are available.

Disclaimer: I got the above pictured scale for a product review & no monetary benefit. My thoughts & opinions are no way influenced. I'm totally satisfied by this product & the review was not manipulated in anyway.