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Hinduism is a vedic religion & it is also one of the oldest religions on earth. Hinduism has different traditions & one of the common practices is performing puja to god or in other words worshiping god. We either perform shodashopachara pooja or panchopachara pooja depending on our convenience. One of the common upachara's in both is Prasadam.
Prasadam or Neivedyam is what we offer to god as a respect of what he has given to us & this doesn't limit to just food. For an example , when you buy a new dress, you apply turmeric on 3sides of your dress, offer to God by having it in puja & then wear on an auspicious day. The same follows with rest of the things in our life.
Prasadam or Neivedyam is strictly a satvik vegetarian dish with no eggs, onion, garlic or any masala's in it. Prasadam is preferred to be made at home, rather than getting it from a store. 
Here is list of recipe I have complied & will be adding more in future. 

Sweet Dishes 
Makkhane Ki Kheer
Ragi Oats Ladoo
Chana Dal Sago Payasam | Senaga Pappu Payasam
Rice Dishes 
Pulihora | Puliyodhara | Chitranna | Tamarind Rice
Nimmakaya Pulihora | Lemon Rice
Kattu Pongal with Quinoa | Khara Pongal with Keenwah | Quinoa Ven Pongal

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