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Moong Dal Sundal

We had a splendid Navratri this year.Performed all the rituals which are supposed to be done on these days, attended pooja 's at temple & last but not the least had a nice time @ "Festival of lights " celebrated in San Diego. So after a busy 9 days now I'm just waiting for Diwali to roll on.
On Navratri days we offer goddess durga prashad made of moongdal or channa dal on all 9days. I mostly make "Pulagam" which we cook rice with little of moong dal & offer it along with ghee & jaggery. For one of 9days I made moong dal sundal as prashad to offer. 
Prep Time - 1hr +5mins {Soak time + prep time}
Cook Time - 15mins
Serves - 3 to 4 people

1Cup moong dal
2Cups water
1/2Cup grated coconut {Adjust as needed}
Salt to taste
1Tbs oil
1Tsp mustard seeds
1Tsp jeera
2Red chili's
- Soak moong dal in water for at least an hour. After 1hr strain water & keep aside.
In a vessel take 2Cups water & bring it to boil. To that add the strained moong dal. 
- Cook on low to medium heat for at least 10mins. Stir in once in a while. 
- Take few dal using a spoon or laddle. Check if it is cooked by pressing dal. If it is, switch off heat & if not, then cook for some more time.
- Heat a pan with oil. To that add mustard, jeera & red chili's. 
- Once mustard starts jumping add moong dal to pan along with salt.
- Mix them well. Cook till left over water evaporates. - Add coconut & switch off heat
- Serve it as it is or with rice.
- Pressure cook moong dal for 1 whistle. (We don't want the dal to be mushy). Allow it to cool for sometime & follow the sets in making it.
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Chamadumpa Vepudu | Seppankizhangu Fry | Taro Root Fry | Arbi Sabji

Some dishes taste so good that you make them the same way 'n' number of times & still enjoy that as your first time.My mom makes this dish & I copied it from her. This is a easy & healthy style of enjoying this recipe.
Few days back I received a mail for this dish.

9 Big taro root
4 Tbs oil
1Tsp mustard 
2 Tbs besan ( Senaga pindi)
2 Tsp chilli ( Adjust acc. to your taste)
Few curry leaves

To start off cook the taro roots using a pressure cooker.If not you can boil them in a big vessel with water & can check with a knife if they are cooked or not.
Once cooked allow them to cool down & peel the skin off. Cut them in equal size thin pieces.

Heat a pan with 1tbs of oil then add mustard & curry leaves to it. Once the mustard starts jumping add the cut taro pieces to pan.Sprinkle besan on them while mixing carefully.

Cook it in a medium heat for 5mins.Then add 1tbs oil & mix it.

After 10mins the fry looks similar to this. Then sprinkle salt & chilli powder along with 1tbs oil.Mix them well.Fry them on low heat for another 10mins to get a crispy texture.

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Beerakaya Pachadi | Peechinga Thogayal | Ridge Gourd Chutney

Ridge gourd chutney is one of my favorite dish & it is also my mom's recipe. I loved the balanced taste of tanginess & sweet in it.I used a whole ridge gourd without peeling it. The skin of ridge gourd gives a beautiful texture to the chutney & won't make the it gooey. 
I'm linking this chutney to my event "Pickles & chutneys" which ended on Oct4th. I want to take a moment & thank one and all who  participated in my event. Click on the above link to explore the delicious dishes posted by fellow bloggers. 

1 Big ridge gourd
6 Green chili's
2 Garlic pods
1 Tbs tamarind
1 Tbs grated jaggery 
For Seasoning
1 Tsp mustard seeds 
1 Tsp Jeera 
1 Tsp coriander seeds
1 Tsp seasame 
6 Red chili's
Few methi seeds
1 Tbs oil

Heat a pant with 1tbs oil. Then add the seasoning ingredients to pan and fry them for 2 mins. Check carefully that seasoning won't burn.Allow it to cool & transfer it to mixie/Grinder.In the same pan add the chopped ridge gourd & garlic. Fry them for 1 min & then close them with a lid.Allow them to cook & switch off heat.
First grind the seasoning then add the cooked ridge gourd, tamarind,green chili's, jaggery last comes the salt. Grind them coarsely & check if the the taste is balancing. 

Serve chutney with rice & a dollop of ghee.

Black and White Wednesday

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Rava Ladoo

These days as mentioned in my previous post I'm just killing time without knowing what to do. Then there came a thought of making ravva ladoo's which are our favorite. So here they are as virtual treats to you all.
Ravva ladoo is a very easy to make recipe. It is one of my favorites & always in a must have list.I had a pooja coconut sitting on my counter for last one month & I was confused what to do with it. Then yesterday I came in agreeing my thoughts & made these yummy ladoo's.

But before that I arranged this deco & which I wanted to share with you all. I used the nirmalya flowers (Flowers used for before days pooja) in this deco.

2 Cups sooji/ bombai rava
1 Cup sugar
1&1/2 Cups grated coconut
3 Tbs ghee or butter
1/2 Cup chopped walnuts
1Tsp elachi powder
4 Tbs milk 

In a small pan take 1tbs ghee along with chopped walnuts.Fry them for 2mins & switch off heat.

Now heat a wide pan with 2tbs ghee.Add sooji to pan & fry it till you get a nice aromatic smell. Now in process you might even burn sooji too.So to avoid it keep sautéing the pan for 3&1/2 to 4mins.Switch off heat & transfer it carefully to a heat resistant bowl. To that add grated coconut, sugar, walnuts & elachi powder.Add milk to the mixture & form them in to ladoo's. Be carful as the mixture will be a little hot.

Allow them to cool for 15mins so that they will become a little firmer & will be easy to handle. Store them in a air tight container & enjoy them.

1. Store them in a airtight container. 
2. shelf life is for 3 to 4 days.