Thursday, August 30, 2012

Palakura Pesara Pappu | Spinach Moong Dal Fry

Dal is a staple for Indians. We use different lentils & veggies to make delicious dal. The variations of making dal change from place to place. In this recipe I'm sharing a north indian style dal which bonds along with rice & roti/chapati very well. 
I believe in not combing spinach & tomatoes as they form stones in kidneys.Maybe it is just an assumption still why take a chance, right ? 

Dal Fry

1Cup moong dal
1&1/2Cups water
2Cups chopped spinach
1Onion chopped
2Garlic pods
1/2Cup water (optional)
1/4Tsp turmeric
1Tsp chili powder
1/2Tsp sugar (optional)
Salt for taste
1Tbs oil
1Tsp mustard 
1Tsp jeera
1Tbs chana dal & urad dal
- Cooking dal is a easy process if you have a pressure cooker.
- To cook dal take it in a vessel with lots of water and clean it well. 
- Now add moong dal to pressure cooker with 1&1/2 cups of water and cook it for 2 whistles. 
- If you are planning on cooking it on stove top. It might take 3 to 4 cups of water for 1 cup moong dal & need continuos observation too.

Dal Fry

- While the dal is being pressure cooked heat a pan with oil add mustard & jeera. 
- Once the mustard starts jumping then add channa dal & urad dal. Fry them for 1min then add garlic & onion to the pan & fry them translucent.
- Now add chopped spinach to pan & fry them.Here you add salt,chillipowder & turmeric to pan.
- Meanwhile the dal is cooked so add it to the pan & cook it at low temp for 10mins. 
- If required add little water at a time to the pan. Cooking this way will make flavors to mingle with each other perfectly. 
- Sprinkle sugar on cooked dal & mix it. 
- Serve dal & rice with a dollop of ghee & it tastes heaven. 

Dal Fry

Note : 
- You can add 2 tomatoes to enhance the flavor. 
- While using pressure cooker be carful. Allow the cooker to cool down before opening it.

Dal Fry

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Banana Nutella Milkshake

A healthy milkshake is what makes you feel complete while you are on a diet regime.For me milk was never a cup of tea.I never liked the taste & smell of milk.I know it cannot be changed so I started replacing it with milkshakes & cold flavored drinks to vanish the actual flavor of it.I make milkshake's that are filled with nutritious stuff like fruits, honey,nuts, dryfruits & some times a little chocolate for my taste buds with a low fat milk or skim milk to blend.
The recipe I'm sharing today is also a similar kind of a drink with nutella & banana.This a magical drink that makes adults & kids to fall for. 

When I shared this drink with my hubby the first word he said that it was tasting like a chikoo (Sapota in telugu ) juice which you get in Indian fruit juice stalls. I sprinkled a little of grounded pistachios to give it the street side flavor. 
Hope you all will enjoy it as we did :)

1 Ripe banana peeled
2 Tbs of Nutella
11/2 Cup milk ( 2% fat milk)
1 Tbs grounded rosted pistachio

In a blender add the above ingredients & grind them well. Pour it in a glass & sprinkle pistachio before you serve.   

1. Replace with whole milk to get a richer & creamy effect. 
2. You can add vanilla flavor ice cream for a creamy texture. 
3. I avoided sugar as Nutella gives a slight sweetness to the drink but you can add honey or sugar as you wish.   

The above one was a kids version with the same ingredients above. 

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Iced Orange Tea

A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water ~Eleanor Roosevelt.
While I was going thru some quotes this caught my attention & I'm sharing it here with you all.I feel the quote is so true...

The recipe I'm sharing here is a chilling drink for hot summers.I came across this on food network website & I instantly felt thirsty for this drink.This is a drink which you would want to have it again & again.. :)

4 Cups of water 
2 Cups of fresh squeezed orange juice
1 cup sugar
4 Tea bags / 1/2 Tbs tea powder
Mint & orange slices for garnish

With tea bags:
Heat a vessel with 4 cups of water & teabags. Bring it to boil & switch off heat. Allow the tea bags to sit for 15mins & remove them.Let the tea cool down before you add orange juice.
Take a big vessel with tea, sugar & orange juice.Mix them well.

With tea powder:
Heat a Vessel with 4 cups of water & tea powder. Bring it to boil & switch off heat. Filter the tea & cool it.
Take a big vessel with tea, sugar & orange juice.Mix them well.

Serve it chilled with mint & orange slice. You can also serve with ice cubes added.But It might dilute the tea & the taste may vary.

1. If you conscious about sugar add 6 Tbs of honey instead of sugar. 
2. You can also use a store bought orange juice too. 

Enjoy it...:)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paala Thalikalu | Paala Kozhukattai

Happy Krishnashtami friends.. 

I made this "Pala Thalikalu" for krishna's birthday. I made this for first time ever & we loved it. I used milk maid instead for milk & sugar to make my job easy.

2 Cups of milk (1 cup milk maid & 1 cup water)
1/2 Cup rice flour
3/4 Cup sugar(Adjust Acc.)
3/4 Cup water 
Pinch of salt 
2 Tbs ghee
1 Tbs of chopped almonds & dry fruits 
Pinch of saffron 

Heat water in a bowl. Bring them to boil & switch off heat.Take rice flour in a bowl along with pinch of salt. Now add hot water little by little while mixing the flour & forming in to dough. Once you have the dough throw the remaining water.

Add 1tbs of ghee to dough & knead it. Now take small portions and make balls with them. You can shape them as you like but I made them as cylindrical shape. Follow the same with rest of the dough & keep aside.

Heat a vessel with milk. Bring it to boil for 5mins.Now add sugar to milk. Later add elachi & saffron. Switch off the heat & then add the the rice balls made before slowly to the milk mixture. Heat milk on medium heat for 10mins & switch off.
Take a pan with 1 tbs ghee & add almonds,dry fruits to it. Fry them for 2mins. Add it to milk mixture & mix them well.

Serve it cold or warm it tastes yum..

1. You may not need the whole 3/4 cup of water. Stop adding water when a perfect dough is formed.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ulli Kadala Pachadi | Spring Onion Chutney | Scallions Chutney

Spring Onion Chutney

Spring Onion Chutney is a simple mixed veggie chutney, where scallions play the major role. Spring Onions are milder in taste than onions, so I tried adding a small onion to kick up the taste & mixed it with tomato for slight tanginess.
Chutneys are part of south indian meal. At home chutney or pickle a must & with out them a meal is never complete. I love trying something different rather than a regular one's we have daily. I first had this chutney at a friends place & fell in love with it. Though I forgot to get a recipe of it, later I experimented & succeeded in making my version of this chutney. 
Spring Onion Chutney

Prep Time-10mins | Cook time-15mins | Serves-4people
2Bunches chopped spring onions
1Small onions chopped
1Big tomato sliced
2Garlic cloves chopped
2Green chili's
1Tbs coriander seeds 
6Red chili's {As needed}
1 Tbs oil
Salt to taste
1/2Tsp mustard 
1/2Tsp jeera
1Tsp channa dal  
2Red chili's cut equally
1Tbs oil
- Heat a pan with oil along with red chili's, garlic & coriander seeds. 
- Fry them till coriander changes to light brown. switch off heat. Cool them & later grind them coarsely.
- Now to the same pan add spring onion, onions, green chili's & tomatoes. 
- Cook them with closed lid till tomatoes are cooked. 
- Cook open lid & let any left water to evaporate. Switch off heat.
- Allow them to cool & grind them with salt, coriander & red chili's to a chunky paste. Adjust salt needed if needed.
- Heat a pan with oil add chana dal to pan, fry them for few sec's. 
- Then add mustard, jeera & red chili. Once the mustard starts jumping add the seasoning to chutney.
- Chutney is ready to serve. Serve it with rice, dosa & idli.
- Seasoning is optional. 
- You can increase or decrease the spice level as needed. 
- This chutney was medium spicy.

Spring Onion Chutney
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Majjiga Charu | Buttermilk Rasam

Today I'm sharing a cooling recipe which goes well with both rice & roti.It's a little bit different from majjiga pulusu though.

3 Cups of buttermilk / 2 Cups of yogurt
1 Big tomato 
1 drumstick cut in equal pieces 
1 Cup water
Pinch of turmeric
1Tsp ghee
Curry leaves 
2 Tsp oil 
1 Tsp mustard 
1 Tsp jeera 
2 Red chilli 
Pinch of Hing
To Grind 
1 Tbs coriander seeds
11/2 Tsp jeera 
1 Tsp methi seeds
1 Tsp black pepper
2 Red chili's
1 Tsp ghee
Heat a pan with ghee & roast the above ingredients till a nice aroma comes. Switch of heat & allow it to cool aside. Grind it smooth powder. 

Take a vessel with 1tsp ghee add chopped tomatoes,drumsticks, turmeric & curry leaves to it.Add a 1 cup of water & boil them till drumsticks are cooked.Then add the above grind powder to it. Bring them to boil & switch off heat. Allow it cool for few mins before adding the buttermilk.
Now add buttermilk to vessel & heat it for couple of mins & switch off. (Don't add while it is hot or don't heat it too much. It will break the buttermilk.)

Heat a pan with oil for seasoning. Add mustard, Jeera & Red chilli's. Once mustard starts spluttering add hing & mix it with rasam.
Serve it with rice & a dollop of ghee.
1.You can use you rasam powder instead of the grind powder I used. 
2. Add some onions for a yummy flavor.
3. Allow buttermilk to sit on the counter for a whole night to get a tangy taste. 

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