Monday, August 6, 2012

Ulli Kadala Pachadi | Spring Onion Chutney | Scallions Chutney

Spring Onion Chutney

Spring Onion Chutney is a simple mixed veggie chutney, where scallions play the major role. Spring Onions are milder in taste than onions, so I tried adding a small onion to kick up the taste & mixed it with tomato for slight tanginess.
Chutneys are part of south indian meal. At home chutney or pickle a must & with out them a meal is never complete. I love trying something different rather than a regular one's we have daily. I first had this chutney at a friends place & fell in love with it. Though I forgot to get a recipe of it, later I experimented & succeeded in making my version of this chutney. 
Spring Onion Chutney

Prep Time-10mins | Cook time-15mins | Serves-4people
2Bunches chopped spring onions
1Small onions chopped
1Big tomato sliced
2Garlic cloves chopped
2Green chili's
1Tbs coriander seeds 
6Red chili's {As needed}
1 Tbs oil
Salt to taste
1/2Tsp mustard 
1/2Tsp jeera
1Tsp channa dal  
2Red chili's cut equally
1Tbs oil
- Heat a pan with oil along with red chili's, garlic & coriander seeds. 
- Fry them till coriander changes to light brown. switch off heat. Cool them & later grind them coarsely.
- Now to the same pan add spring onion, onions, green chili's & tomatoes. 
- Cook them with closed lid till tomatoes are cooked. 
- Cook open lid & let any left water to evaporate. Switch off heat.
- Allow them to cool & grind them with salt, coriander & red chili's to a chunky paste. Adjust salt needed if needed.
- Heat a pan with oil add chana dal to pan, fry them for few sec's. 
- Then add mustard, jeera & red chili. Once the mustard starts jumping add the seasoning to chutney.
- Chutney is ready to serve. Serve it with rice, dosa & idli.
- Seasoning is optional. 
- You can increase or decrease the spice level as needed. 
- This chutney was medium spicy.

Spring Onion Chutney
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  11. This looks like a real spicy chutney...I have always loved Indian flavors and spices. Excited to try!
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