Thursday, August 2, 2012

Majjiga Charu | Buttermilk Rasam

Today I'm sharing a cooling recipe which goes well with both rice & roti.It's a little bit different from majjiga pulusu though.

3 Cups of buttermilk / 2 Cups of yogurt
1 Big tomato 
1 drumstick cut in equal pieces 
1 Cup water
Pinch of turmeric
1Tsp ghee
Curry leaves 
2 Tsp oil 
1 Tsp mustard 
1 Tsp jeera 
2 Red chilli 
Pinch of Hing
To Grind 
1 Tbs coriander seeds
11/2 Tsp jeera 
1 Tsp methi seeds
1 Tsp black pepper
2 Red chili's
1 Tsp ghee
Heat a pan with ghee & roast the above ingredients till a nice aroma comes. Switch of heat & allow it to cool aside. Grind it smooth powder. 

Take a vessel with 1tsp ghee add chopped tomatoes,drumsticks, turmeric & curry leaves to it.Add a 1 cup of water & boil them till drumsticks are cooked.Then add the above grind powder to it. Bring them to boil & switch off heat. Allow it cool for few mins before adding the buttermilk.
Now add buttermilk to vessel & heat it for couple of mins & switch off. (Don't add while it is hot or don't heat it too much. It will break the buttermilk.)

Heat a pan with oil for seasoning. Add mustard, Jeera & Red chilli's. Once mustard starts spluttering add hing & mix it with rasam.
Serve it with rice & a dollop of ghee.
1.You can use you rasam powder instead of the grind powder I used. 
2. Add some onions for a yummy flavor.
3. Allow buttermilk to sit on the counter for a whole night to get a tangy taste. 

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  2. My first visit here and you have such a lovely space. Love the buttermilk rassam. Do drop a visit to my blog and leave your valuable comments!

  3. WOW love this rasam..must try..

  4. Super comforting food, one of our family fav.

  5. Mouthwatering recipe and pictures!!

  6. Majjiga Charu looks delicious, i too make but your's is very different.glad to follow you and hope the same from you

  7. Buttermilk rasam looks delicious...Thanks for dropping in my space....Glad to follow you back :)
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  8. We too make a similar one. Love ur version and presentation too

  9. Such a delicious rasam!!! well presented!!!
    Prathima Rao
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  10. very nice presentation.. I love ur recipe bookmarked.. Also I am ur new follower

  11. There is a similar dish in the Tamil cuisine too! But we don't add tomatoes. I love the sound of your recipe! :)

    Do participate in Bake Fest Event & Giveaway! if you can. :)

  12. Never made this kind of rasam..bookmarking this recipe :)

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