Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nap Naang {Black Rice Pudding}

Rice Pudding

Black rice pudding is a chewy yet delicious pudding. First when I saw this Nagaland dish I was little hesitant of color & how it would turn out. The dish looked more of purple then black after making the pudding & was filled with fiber in every bite. Again this is a simple & easy dish you will love. The original recipe didn't include any dry fruits, raisins & elachi powder in it. 

Rice Pudding
Prep Time-5mins | Cook Time-45mins| Serves-2people
Adapted From: Pan Cuisine
1/2Cup black rice
1&1/2Cup water 
2Cups milk 
2Tbs sugar
1Tsp elachi powder
2Tbs ghee 
Few raisins 
Few cashews {dry nuts of your choice}
- Wash rice with water & pressure cook it using 1&1/2 cup water for 3whistles. Switch off heat & allow it to cool.
- Transfer to a deep vessel along with milk. Cook till it becomes thick while stirring it once in a while. It takes around 10mins to get it done. 
- Add sugar & elachi powder to rice pudding & mix it well. 
- Meanwhile heat pan with ghee & to that add raisins & cashew nuts. Fry them for 50secs & switch off heat. 
-Mix them with pudding. Adjust sugar if needed. 
- Serve warm.
- This rice needs more water to cook it perfect.
- Cook rice on low heat.
- You can use milk maid instead of milk & sugar. 
Rice Pudding
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