Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shorshe Dharosh

Shorshe Dharosh or Okra in Mustard sauce is a deliciously tasting dish with interesting flavors. This bengali dish is made of fried okra cooked in mustard sauce to a thick gravy. This is a simple gravy curry easy to make for your busy days.

Prep Time-30mins | Cook Time-10mins | Serves-3 to 4 people 
Adapted : A Mad Tea Party
15Okra's {cut them into half if they are too long}
1/4Cup water 
1Tsp red chili powder {optional}
Pinch of sugar
Salt to taste
For gravy
2Tbs mustard seeds
1Tbs poppy seeds
4Tbs grated coconut
1/4Tsp turmeric
2Green chili's
2Tbs yogurt
2Tbs water 
1Tsp fenugreek seeds
1Tsp nigella seeds
Few curry leaves
1Tbs oil 
- Soak mustard & poppy seeds for 20mins. 
- Grin all the ingredients under gravy to a smooth paste. You can use use a mortar & pestle or your grinder to make the paste. 
- Wash & pat dry okras. Cut them to half if they are too long.
- Heat pan with oil. Add the seasoning to pan & after few seconds of frying them add okra to pan.
- Fry them for 2mins. Add the gravy paste & red chili powder to pan along with water.
- Cook with a closed lid for 5mins on a medium heat. Okra will be cooked perfect by now.
- Add salt & sugar to pan. Balance the flavor if needed. 
- Cook for 1mins & switch off heat.
- Serve with rice or roti. 
- You can reduce mustard to 1Tbs & increase poppy seeds to 2tbs to reduce the mustard taste.
- Red chili powder is optional. If you green chili's aren't hot enough then use red chili powder. 
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