Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gutti Vankaya Koora kaaram Petti | Stuffed Brinjal Curry | Baingan sabji

It's holiday time and I miss my mom so much.We use to have lots of fun when I was with her few years back. I don't want to exaggerate that she is a best cook but she is one for me.It's almost 10 years I left home still I can feel the aromas of my mom's kitchen.For this recipe I have to say I tried many variations in powders still all those are just temporary. It's like  a phase that's it when the madness is over I will be back to the same old mom's recipe. 
The same stuffing powder can be used for all the veggies which you can stuff. 

6 Brinjals
2Tbs oil
Stuffing powder
1/2 Cup urad dal 
1/4 Cup channa dal
3 Red chilli's
5 Methi seeds 
Small piece of tamarind.

Dry Roast all the stuffing ingredients except for salt & tamarind.Just fry them till they turn light brown & cool them aside before making it a powder. Grind coarsely along with salt & tamarind.

Take a brinjal and make a slit in between & repeat the same with rest of the brinjals.
Take the powder in a bowl & mix it with 1 tsp of oil.Stuff it in brinjals and place them slowly in a pan. Now switch on the heat and add 1 tbs oil to the pan. Close it with a lid and allow them to cook.
Once they are cooked well remove the lid and add rest of the oil to pan and fry them well.Sprinkle a little stuffing powder at the end and saute it for few seconds & switch of the heat.

Curry is ready to serve with hot rice.

1. You can add sesame & coriander seeds for the stuffing ingredients.
2. Adjust oil accordingly as I used a nonstick one it took much less oil. 
3. Refrigerate the remaining powder in a air tight container.
4. Adjust red chilli's based on your spice levels.


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