Monday, October 24, 2011

Kajjikayalu | Somas | Karanji

Happy Diwali.... 

Kajjikayalu are traditional sweets which doesn't need an introduction in south Indian house hold.This festive dish is made of maida & some sweet stuffing in it. A little time taking dish but you can forget all the efforts once you taste them.
As a tradition for Diwali at my mom's place we make gulab jaamun, kajjikayalu or gavvalu (sweet & savory). She says this tradition has come from my grand mother to my mom & now to me.I learnt this recipe from my mom while helping her making them.
This recipe needs a kajjikaya peeta, but I have given a step by step instructions for this which can help in making them without peeta.

Yields 27 kajjikayalu.
11/2 cup all purpose flour
2 Tbs oil 
pinch of salt 
Little water
Oil for frying
For stuffing 
1 Cup channa dal
1 Cup grated coconut
1 Cup sugar 
2 Tbs cardamon powder 

How to make ???

Mixing flour
Take bowl add flour, oil, salt & little water at a time till the flour comes together like a ball.Allow it to set for 15mins & then roll small balls as shown above & keep them aside.

Heat a pan and add channa dal to it. Dry fry dal till you get a nice aroma from channa dal.
Grind coarsely  channa dal, coconut powder ,sugar & cardamon powder.

Mean while heat oil for frying.
Take a maida ball & roll it to a round shape.Add a spoonfull of stuffing powder.

Then close it in to half.

 Now fold ends as shown in the figure.

Then press edges with a fork.

As our oil is ready for cooking place slowly kajjikayalu in oil.Fry them in medium heat.

Once they are done remove from oil & place them on a tissue paper.Same process repeats for rest of all kajjikay's.

I was left with 1/2 cup of stuffing powder which I rolled them to ravva ladoo's. 

1. Don't fry them on high flame. 
2. Fold the ends carefully or the stuffing will spill in oil & messes all kajjikaya's. 
3. Be careful while handling heated oil. 


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