Monday, October 18, 2010


Festivals are always filled with Spirituality,fun & tasty food. For the food part I tried making some Badusha & Muruku's for Darsara/Navratri. 
I have to mention that this is one of my hubby's favorite.

For Badusha
2 Cups maida ( All Purpose flour)
1/2 Tsp baking Soda 
1/2 cup yogurt (Curd)
1/2 Cup melted butter/dalda 
Oil (Enough for deep frying )
Sugar Syrup 
2 Cups Sugar 
1 Cup Water 

1. Take a bowl and mix the Badusha ingredients except the oil. Mix it to a nice ball. ( In process of making dough add more curd rather than water.). Allow it to rest for 30mins. 
2. Now place a vessel on stove and add sugar and water to the vessel. Allow the sugar to melt. Now reduce heat and allow the syrup to boil till it comes to a string consistency. Add elachi to it and keep it aside.

3. Take the dough and divide it to small balls. Make a ball and press with your thump in the middle as shown in the above picture. 
4. Heat a pan with oil (for frying the dough). Fry the balls in batches till they turn nice brown color. Remove them and place them on a tissue paper to remove excessive oil.
5. Add the fried balls to sugar syrup and let them soak for 3-4 mins. 
6. Remove them and place them in a container. 

I have already posted the recipe for "  Jantikalu or Muruku ". Sharing a pic for the recipe which I made this year. As I have mentioned I didn't have the muruku maker so used plastic bag to make it.