Saturday, September 27, 2014

Annam Parvanam | Rice Kheer

Rice Kheer
Annam Parvanam / Rice Kheer is one of well known prashad dishes. This is creamy, perfectly sweet & topped with goodness of ghee along with nuts & raisins. You can customize this recipe as you like, say you can substitute 1/2 of milk with lite & thin coconut milk to make it more flavorful.
I'm following a pattern in making Navratri recipes from today on. I have read an article online & they listed out the prashad that should be offered on daily basis. For the 4th day it is Annam Parvanam/Rice Kheer made of sugar & jaggery or sweet pongal should be offered to the goddess. 
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Rice Kheer
Prep Time - 1hr {soaking + arranging ingredients}
Cook Time - 20mins 
Serves - 3people
1/2Cup rice 
2Tbs chana dal
3Cups milk { 2%fat milk} {Add in more milk if needed}
1/4Cup sugar {Adjust as needed}
1Tsp cardamon powder
2Tbs ghee/ butter
Few cashews & raisins
Few saffron streaks
- Soak chana dal & rice in a bowl for more than 1hr. 
- In deep vessel heat milk & to that add soaked rice, chana dal & saffron strands. 
- Bring them to boil & cook on low heat till rice is cooked perfectly. It might take 10mins to 15mins. 
- Now add in sugar  to the kheer. Mix in & switch off heat. 
- Pressure cook rice & chana dal with 2Cups milk for 2whistles. 
- Transfer cooked rice, chana dal along with few saffron streaks to a deep vessel & add in 1Cup milk to it.
- Bring it to boil & stir it occasionally until everything comes together. 
- Now add in sugar & mix in. Switch off heat right away.
- Heat a pan with ghee. To that add cashew & fry them for few seconds till they turn light brown.
- Now add in raisins to pan & fry them till they are puffed up. 
- Switch off heat & mix in with kheer. 
- You can replace jaggery with sugar, might need to add a much more quantity to make it perfect.
- I used milk with no added water to it. 
Rice Kheer
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  2. delicious & inviting kheer..................perfect dessert for navratri.