Friday, September 26, 2014


Pisua is a West Samoan sweet dish made of tapioca & caramelized coconut milk. In simple words it's a heaven in a bowl. It tasted awesome with the binding flavors of coconut & cute sago cubes.
Adapted from here.
Prep Time-1hr +5min {soaking+arranging}
Cooking Time-30mins 
1/2Cup sago/tapioca pearls
1Cup water
2Tbs sugar/ 1/4 sugar {for sweet tooth}
Few chopped almonds for garnish
For caramelizing
1/4Cup + 2Tbs sugar
1Cup coconut milk
- Soak sago for 1hr. 
- Pressure cook sago, water & sugar for 2 whistles. Switch off heat & allow it to cool. 
- Once it's cool cut sago in to small pieces & keep aside.
- Mean while in a pan add sugar for caramelizing & on low heat cook it till it changes it's color to dark color. 
- Now add in coconut milk, mix in well & switch off heat. Allow the mixture to cool. 
- Now add in the cut sago pieces to caramelized milk & serve.
- I topped it with little elachi for more flavor.
- Pressure cooking makes cooking much easier. You can also cook it on stove top with extra added water.
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