Friday, September 12, 2014

Korean Pan-Fried Tofu with Sauce | Dububuchim-Yangnyeomjang

Pan-Fried Tofu is a perfect snack or you can enjoy it as a side with fried rice. Sauce elevates the flavor of bland tofu to a super delicious level. We need a firm tofu for this dish, so that it can with stand the heat & won't crumble up while cooking. Serve with a little extra sauce in a bowl to dip tofu in & it will be much more satisfying.
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Adapted from Maangchi.
Prep Time-5mins | Cook Time-10mins | Serves-2people
1/2Block of firm tofu equally sliced  {1/2 of 19oz pack}
2Tbs oil
2Tsp sesame seeds
1Tbs soya sauce
1Garlic clove minced
2Scallions chopped
1Tsp honey 
1Tsp sesame oil 
2Tsp red chili powder
Pinch of salt
- In a bowl mix all the above sauce ingredients & keep aside.
- Heat a non-stick pan with oil. 
- Add the tofu slices to pan & cook them crisp on each side. They should be a little more than brown on each side.
- Now layer tofu on a plate & splash the sauce on tofu pieces by covering them evenly.
- Sprinkle sesame on tofu & enjoy the dish.
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  1. Such a nice side dish. The garnish and presentation is so good

  2. Omg, this Korean pan fried tofu is just inviting me, i can finish that plate rite now.

  3. Fried tofu sounds simple and easy compared to the native title. :) The dish looks appealing.

  4. I bookmarked a tofu recipe too for Korean meal but left it out as I used meat. Nice pan fried tofu.

  5. This looks absolutely fantastic! Love to have tofu in any form :)

  6. wow such an tempting and flavorful pan fried Tofu there :) Look yummy dear , you have plated it so well !!

  7. My kids love this. I am sure I can try by sprinkling some sesame seeds!!

  8. Very interesting snack..your pictures are so fetching!

  9. Love that crispy tofu and that sauce sounds delicious.

  10. sauce sounds delish and love the way you styled the 2nd photo

  11. Beautiful presented! love the sauce that you have here.