Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ifisashi ~ Zambian Dish | Peanut Spinach Curry

Ifisashi is a traditional Zambian curry made for mixed greens, veggies & peanuts. This is a thick stew served with Nshima, the staple of Zambia. You can also serve it along with rice & polenta or your choice of main dish too. Ifisashi doesn't  need any oil & that makes it's cut in to healthy dishes for me. You can add any of your favorite veggies to make it much tastier. 
Adapted from here.
Prep Time - 5Mins {chopping+prepping}
Cook Time - 15min
Serves - 2people
1Medium onion chopped
2Tomatoes chopped
1Big bunch of spinach washed & chopped
1Cup chopped cabbage
3Green chili's sliced
2Tbs peanut powder
1/2Cup water
Salt to taste
- Heat pan with water. To that add powdered peanuts, onion & tomatoes. Cook them with a closed lid.
- Now add in green chili's, cabbage, salt & spinach to them.
- Cook them until they all come together. Adjust salt if needed.
- Switch off heat & garnish with little peanut powder.
- Serve with rice.
- You can add in your choice of vegetable.
- Few chopped garlics will make this dish more flavorful.
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