Monday, September 22, 2014

Tortilla De Patatas | Spanish Omelette

Tortilla De Patatas
Tortilla De Patatas is a Spanish potato omelette, a speciality of Spain, which is filling & tempting. This is a picnic dish in Spain, which is served in to bite size cubes & served with cock tail sticks, but you can also make this dish for breakfast & as brunch for lazy weekends.
Potatoes & onions are the vegetables I used as it was authentic. You can add your choice of finely chopped vegetables in additions to potatoes & onions. 
We Indians love our food to be little spicy & when it comes to me I love food much spicier than the normal limits. Tortilla De Patata is very mild in taste, so to satisfy my taste buds I added a pinch of chili powder along with black pepper to make it spicy.
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Tortilla De Patatas
Adapted from here.
Prep Time-10mins | Cook Time-20mins | Serves-3people
2Potatoes thinly slices
1medium onion chopped
6Egg whites 
Few cilantro leaves chopped
2Tsp Black Pepper / chili powder for taste { Adjst as needed}
Salt for taste
2Tbs oil for potatoes & onion + 1Tbs oil for omelete 
- Thin slice potatoes as shown in the picture. 
- Heat a non-stick pan with oil. To that add potatoes & onions. 
- Cook on medium heat for few minutes, then check if potatoes are cooked by pricking them with a tooth peck. 
- Once potatoes are cooked perfectly, switch off heat & keep aside. 
- Mean while break eggs in to a big bowl while separating yellow from whites.
- Add enough salt & pepper & whisk it lightly. 
- Add cooked onions & potatoes to the egg mixture along with coriander leaves. Mix in well. Adjust salt & pepper if needed.
- Heat a non-stick wide pan with oil & add the egg mixture to it. 
- Cook on low heat till a nice crust is formed. Now flip carefully & cook other side too.
- Do a tooth pick check & if it comes out clean switch off heat. 
- Transfer it to a plate. Cut in to pieces & serve. 
- I made 2 mini omelette's with this recipe. 
Tortilla De Patatas
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