Monday, September 29, 2014

Atukula Mix | Sweet Poha Mix

Atukula Mix
Atukula Mix / Poha Mix, is not actually a dish but it is more of combing few ingredients to make a mix. On the occasion of Saraswathi Pooja on Navratri/Dussehra days I made this mix to offer the goddess. They are different types of prashad for each day of navratri & this poha mix is for Saraswathi pooja day.
While I was making this mix I had a nostalgia hit. I remembered my grand mom (maternal) making this mix & packing them in different paper packets for me to distribute in the school on my first day of school (LKG) among other kids. I didn't know why she did that but, when I realized that she was spreading the blessings of goddess & that moment I felt happy & proud of her. I went to 2 schools at the same time in 2different towns. Yes, I did. I was joined in missionary school at Guntur (where my parents live) & the other in my grand mom's town (machilipatnam). I use to spend most of my time with my grand parents, so they decided to join me in a school there too & that is where I distributed this mix among kids. 
Atukula Mix
1/2Cup atukulu/poha {thin}
1/4Cup putnala pappu / dalia {roasted bengal gram}
1/4Cup jaggery {bite size pieces}
- In a bowl mix up all the ingredients. 
- Mix is ready. 
- You can replace poha with puffed rice or marmaralu.
Atukula Mix
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