Thursday, September 25, 2014

Besitos de Coco ~ Venezuelan Coconut Kisses

Besitos de Coco
Besitos de Coco are Venezuelan cookies. They are half cookie & half flakes of coconut, which will leave you with a tropical taste in every bite. Besitos de Coco or Coconut Macaroons are easy to make sweet delights. These cookies are known as "Coconut Kisses" in spanish speaking Caribbean Islands. I have seen recipes with condensed milk, which replace egg yolks in this dish, I might try them in future for a eggless version. For now, this cookies are the best & stole our hearts instantly.

Besitos de Coco
Adapted from here.
Prep Time - 10mins 
Cook Time - 20mins 
Serves - 26Cookies
2&1/2Cups +  1/2Cup coconut flakes
1/2Cup flour
1Cup brown sugar
1Tbs butter
4Egg yolks
1Tbs vanilla extract 
- Pre heat oven @350degrees. Layer a cookie pan with parchment paper and keep aside.
- In a bowl mix in all the above ingredients leaving half cup of coconut flakes aside.
- Scoop the mix & form into small balls.
- Roll them into coconut flakes & place them on the cookie pan. Press a little to make them flat or leave them as they are.
- Bake them for 20mins @350 degrees. 
- Remove from oven & cool them on counter top. 
- For the chocolate on the top, as soon as you remove the cookie pan out of the oven press in a nestle chocolate chip in to it & it fixes perfectly.
- Baking time might change from oven to oven. 
- For more added flavor you can replace vanilla extract with coconut extract.
Besitos de Coco
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  1. They look cute and taste great. I made them too and we loved them.

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