Friday, September 26, 2014

Atta Flour Kheer | Godhuma Pindi Payasam

Atta Flour Kheer
Godhuma Pindi Payasam / Atta Flour Kheer is a Warangal/Telangana special dish. I followed a recipe from youtube in making this dish. It was easy, but little tedious at the same time. You have to keep stirring the kheer all the time to avoid forming lumps. Other than stirring it is simple & less time consuming dish with simple ingredients. It might resemble a little like halwa in shape, but it's not. 
Godhuma Pindi Payasam is a Telangana sweet dish that is specially made for Varalaxmi Vratam. It is believed that dishes, which are made of atta flour are very auspicious while offering to god. I made it for Navratri as offering to god. It was tasty & very satisfying for my sweet tooth.
Atta Flour Kheer
Adapted from here.
Prep Time - 2mins {Arrange all the ingredients near stove}
Cook Time - 15mins
Serves - 3people 
1/2Cup atta flour
1Cup milk 
1/2Cup sugar 
1Tsp cardamon powder
1/4Cup ghee/butter
2Tbs raisins
2Tbs cashews
- Heat a non-stick pan with ghee. To that add cashews & fry them till they are light brown in color.
- Add in raisins & let them puff up. Remove cashews & raisins into a bowl.
- Now add atta flour to left ghee. Fry till atta flour changes a little color by keep stirring it continuously. 
- Add milk little by little while stirring it in to flour. Keep stirring it while every thing starts to form  into a thick kheer. 
- Now add in sugar & cardamon powder to kheer. Stir in sugar while making sure no lumps are formed. 
- Switch off heat & remove kheer in to a bowl. Garnish it with fried cashew & raisins. 
- Serve warm & enjoy.
- Make sure all the ingredients are handy while cooking. 
- Prepare yourself to stir the recipe for 15mins continuously.
-Using a whisk will come in handy.
Atta Flour Kheer
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  1. Just this morning I was thinking there is W for Warangal. I did not even consider Indian cities as I thought we were not doing Indian recipes for this BM. Godhumapindi payasam is totally new to me. I should ask my mom if we make it for varalakshmi puja. Payasam looks creamy and yummy.

  2. Interesting kheer.. So yummy looking kheer too

  3. Kheer looks delicious,creamy and thick.. I have tried kheer with wheat rava but never with flour, will try out soon.

  4. That's nice choice for W. Warangal didn't cross my mind. :)
    Looks like your patience paid off. That bowl of kheer looks yummy.

  5. Love the kheer. I make it in a different way.

  6. Great choice for W, it didn't even occur to me :-)
    Atta kheer is totally new to me and looks delectable.

  7. Even I did not consider Indian states!! Nice choice for the alphabet and sounds like a flavorful kkheer