Wednesday, September 17, 2014

khabeesa ~ Omani Dish


Khabeesa is a Oman breakfast dish served on eid days{acc. to wiki}. This dish is simple to make & delicious in taste. This is similar to the India puddings like vermicelli payasam, godhsambu payasam or the traditional kheer dish we make. You can get the flavors of cardamoms & rose water in every bite of this dish. Rose water always made me feel unpleasant when used in cooking. Thought this would be the same, but surprisingly I was happy with taste & smell of rose water in it. So below comes the recipe for Khabeesa, enjoy it. 
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Adapted from here. Prep Time-2mins | Cook Time-15mins | Serves-2people
2Cups milk
1/4Cup condensed milk
1/2Cup sooji/semolina
1/2Tsp cardamom powder
1Tbs rose water
Few saffron string
2Tbs butter
Fried cashew for topping
- Heat a wide pan & to that add semolina along with milk. {If you add the milk at once semolina might crumble, to avoid that add little by little of milk while stirring semolina.}
- Bring them to boil & later add in condensed milk, cardamom powder, rose water, saffron strings & butter. 
- Mix them well & cook till semolina is cooked perfectly. Switch off heat. 
- Serve warm with cashews on top. 
- Stir the pudding once in a while as it avoids forming lumps. 
- Sweet was just perfect in this dish. Add another 2tbs if you have a sweet tooth. 
- I fried cashews in butter before adding to the pudding.
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  1. The porridge is such a simple dish. Like how this one is flavored with both saffron and rose water.

  2. I was wondering how rose water would taste in this pudding. Nice pudding, similar to sooji halwa.

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  8. Khabeesa seems to be the dish of the day. It looks creamy and flavorful.

  9. Same pinch. I made the same dish :-) I was initially skeptical with all the flavorings that went in, but was pleasantly surprised how good it turned out.

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    Loved this yummy and simple dish.

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