Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pineapple Cantaloupe Cooler

After a good workout I just want to relax myself with a glass of juice. So I started trying out mixing different fruits & juicing them. I prefer fresh juices rather than store bought ones. While making them there are few failures & some successes. As you see I prefer to avoid added sugar to the juices until it is a must. Here is one of those successful one's that we loved so much.
Enjoy the drink!!!
Prep Time-20mins | Serves - 4people
1/2Pineapple juiced
1Cantaloupe juiced
1Tbs lemon juice {optional}
1Tbs sugar/honey {optional}
- In a pitcher mix all the above. 
- Balance taste if needed.
- Chill & serve.
- I haven't used sugar/honey in my juice.

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