Saturday, May 17, 2014

Overnight Oatmeal with Mango & Almonds | How to Make No Cook Oatmeal

Overnight Oatmeal is a simple yet easy way of making your breakfast ahead of time. It is healthy & feels filling in your tummy. Breakfast is the main meal of the day & it is supposed to be heavier then lunch or dinner, so you should always love gobble on healthy breakfast.
The recipe I'm sharing includes old fashioned oatsmilkmango pieces & yummy almonds on top. I came across few recipes that used yogurt as well in the recipe. I'm sure going to use it in my next recipe, but for now enjoy this dish & don't skip your breakfast.

Prep Time-8hrs | Serves-2people
1/2Cup + 4Tbs oat {old fashioned oats}
1Cup milk {almond milk}
4Tsp brown sugar
1/2Cup finely chopped mangoes
Few almonds chopped for garnish
- Take 2 bowls. 
- Add 1/4cup + 2Tbs of oats in each bowl. 
- Next add 1/2 cup milk in each bowl.
- Now add 2tsp sugar in each bowl.
- Next add the 1/4cup chopped mango on them. 
- Now refrigerate them overnight. 
- While serving top the bowls with almonds.
- You can play with flavors as you like. 
- The quantity of oats was sufficient & perfect for me. Adjust oats as needed.
- You can replace brown sugar with normal sugar.

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  1. So quite a few oats and mango mix dishes that I have been reading, I am getting so tempted to make it myself..very lovely pictures..

  2. Same pinch! I just posted mango oatmeal this morning! This one sounds interesting as it doesn't need cooking, just soaking overnight!

  3. I am big fan of overnight oats with fruits.. Mango is tasty too

  4. Wish i get that bowl rite now just from the lappy screen, soo irresistible and very healthy dish to start a day.

  5. Such an easy to put together breakfast. And so healthy!

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  8. Lovely clicks and love the no cook oats for breakfast!

  9. this is homemade muesli and with mango my fave fruit to be loved for sure

  10. Very quick and easy recipe ! Lovely....

  11. Hi Sreevalli,
    This is very nice way of using the seasonal fruits n oats. I love traditional style oats. This is easy n healthy recipe. Can't get better than this. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wow oatmeal and mango. Awesome.

  13. Oatmeal-mango combo sounds yummy.

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