Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chocolate Coconut Rolls

Chocolate coconut rolls are made eggless with very interesting filling in them. These are similar to cinnamon rolls, which are sticky & yummy. 
Eggless - I followed a vegan recipe to eliminate eggs from them & loved them very well. 
Brown sugar - I always loved the taste of brown sugar & replaced normal sugar to it. I don't know if that had changed the color a little to the rolls but for sure they were very tasty. 
Glaze - The glaze was simple & I glazed it just for the pictures. I loved the rolls as they are. 
Prep Time-3hrs {rising time & making} | Cook Time-20-25mins | Yields-16 rolls
Adapted From:Whipped
4&1/4Cup all purpose flour
1/4Cup flour for dusting {use as needed}
1Pack instant yeast
1Cup milk
1/4Cup water {use as needed}
1/2Cup brown sugar 
1/4Tsp salt
6Tbs butter @ room temperature
1Tsp olive oil 
Chocolate Coconut Filling 
1/2Cup grated dry coconut
1/4Cup hershey's unsweetened chocolate powder
3/4Cup brown sugar 
2Tbs sugar
2Tbs butter melted 
1Cup powdered sugar 
2Tbs water

Making the dough
- Grease a big bowl with olive oil & set aside.
- In a bowl take milk & sugar. Dissolve sugar completely. 
- In a bowl take flour, salt, butter, yeast, milk & sugar mixture.
- Mix flour by adding little by little water as needed.
- Now dust the wooden board with flour. Knead flour for 10mins. 
- Place the dough in oiled bowl & cover it. 
- Allow dough to rise double of it's size. Time might vary but it will be ready in 1&1/2hrs. 
Making of filling & rolling 
- Grease a cooking pan with butter & set side
- Mix coconut, chocolate & sugar in a bowl.
- Transfer the dough on to a dusted wooden board. 

- Using a roll pin spread the dough equally in to a rectangular shape. 
- Brush the dough with butter & spread the chocolate coconut mixture equally. 

- Now roll it from side as shown in the figure. 
- Cut the dough in to 16 equal rolls.
- Now arrange the rolls into pan as shown above. 
- Allow the dough to raise for 30mins. 
Baking rolls
- Pre heat oven @350degrees. 
- Once the rolls are raised brush them with some butter. 
- Bake them @ 350 degrees for 20mins to 25mins or until they are lightly browned. 
- Remove roll from oven & allow them to cool. 
- In a bowl mix sugar & water. Allow sugar to dissolve completely. 
- Spread the glaze on the cooled rolls. 
- Rolls are ready to serve.
- You can add 1egg while making the dough. 
- For dough you can replace butter with olive oil.

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