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Amarkhand is a variation of shrikhand. In addition to the ingredients of shrikhand mango pulp is added in this dish. The dish tastes smooth, creamy & tempting.

Prep time-4hrs | Serves-2people
2Cups thick yogurt {curd}
2Tbs sugar {adjust accordingly}
1/2Cup mango pulp
4tbs milk
1Tsp saffron 
1Tsp cardamon powder {elachi}
Few chopped almond
Few pistachios chopped 
- Take a cheese cloth with yogurt. Tie it tight & hang it to drip the extra water in curd.
- Leave it for at least 3hrs. Squeeze any left out water from the curd carefully.
- In a small bowl add saffron & 1Tbs warm milk. Keep aside. After few minutes milk will change it's color to a light orange.
- In a bowl add yogurt, mango pulp, cardamon powder & sugar. Beat it smooth while adding 3Tbs milk along with saffron milk.
- Beat it smooth till sugar dissolves completely.
- Scoop it up into a bowl & refrigerate it for some time. 
- Garnish with nuts & serve chill.
- Sweet was just enough. Adjust according to your taste.
- You can use a fat free yogurt for a healthy version. 
- Using greek yogurt would reduce the draining process time of curd. 
- If possible keep curd refrigerated while draining water. Yogurt might become sour if the climate is hot.

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