Monday, May 5, 2014

Biryani Chammanthi | Green Coconut Chutney

Biryani Chammanthi or green coconut chutney is accompanied as a side dish for malabar biryani. This side dish is creamy & spicy. It goes well with biryani & other flavored rice dishes. The greens in this chutney give it a nice tint of color & also add flavor to it. The other variation of this chutney is you can replace yogurt with lemon juice in the chutney.

Prep Time-5mins | Serves-2people 
1Cup grated coconut
2Tbs chopped mint
2Tbs chopped coriander leaves 
1Garlic chopped 
3Green chili's {Adjust as needed}
1/4Cup yogurt
Salt to taste
- Grind all the ingredients above to smooth paste. 
- Adjust salt & green chili's if needed. 
- Don't add water while grinding. 
- Replace yogurt with 1Tbs of lemon juice or as needed. 

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