Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sambar Powder | Sambhar Podi

Sambar Powder

Sambar powder is one of the basic spice powders where every south indian household has it in their kitchen racks. This powder recipe has different variations from region to region. I got this recipe from my mom & she makes a fresh powder of this recipe every time she makes sambar. She prefers using fresh powder to stored one because of it's flavor. She uses the same recipe when making it in bulk too.

Sambar Powder
Cook Time-10mins | Prep Time-5mins | Yields-5Tbs of powder
2Tbs chana dal / senaga pappu 
2Tbs urad dal / minapappu 
2Tsp cumin
1Tsp methi
5Tbs coriander seeds
6Red chili's 
2Tbs black pepper
2Strands of curry leaves 
1Tsp hing / Asafetida
2Tbs grated dry coconut 
1Tsp oil
- Heat pan with 1/2tsp oil & to that add chana dal & urad dal. Fry them till they change light to a little darker shade.
- Transfer them on to plate & allow them to cool. 
- Now add another 1/tsp oil to pan & rest of the ingredients other then coconut . 
- Fry them to till they are changed to a little darker shade & switch off heat & allow it to cool.
- Once they are cool enough grind them to a smooth powder along with coconut.
- Store it in a air tight container for freshness. 
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Sambar Powder

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  1. very flavorful and yummy smabhar podi :) very useful post dear !! I always love home made podi for sambhar !!

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  3. slightly diff from my mum version looks interesting must try

  4. Flavorful sambar powder dear ...very useful post !!

  5. Homemade............what else can i ask for