Friday, February 21, 2014

Palak Roti | Spinach Roti

Palak Roti
Palak Roti or spinach roti is a healthy & nutritious dish that is easy to make & delicious to have. I added a hint of garlic to this dish to remove the muddy smell of palak & it sure did it's magic in this dish. These roti's can be enjoyed along with any curry , yogurt & a pickle

Palak Roti
Prep Time- 40mins | Cook time-15mins | Yields-5 roti
1Cup atta flour
2Cups chopped spinach 
1Garlic clove 
2Green chili
1Tbs oil
- Grind spinach, garlic & green chili to a smooth paste.
Palak Roti

- Mix atta flour, spinach paste & salt. 
- Using a little water or as needed to make a dough.

Palak Roti

- Divide the dough in to 5 equal parts. 
- Take 1 ball of dough & dust it with atta flour. using a rolling pin roll the dough flat as seen in the pic & keep aside. 
- Repeat the same with rest of the balls. 

Palak Roti

- Heat a pan with 1/2Tsp oil. Place on roti on the pan. Allow it to cook on onside & rotate it to the other side & add another 1/2 Tsp oil & brush it thru the roti.
- When you see the dark spots as above remove roti on to a plate. Repeat the same with rest of the roti's. 
- Serve them with any side dish you like.
- Adjust water according to the spinach paste. 
- I used a very little oil in making them. Use oil as needed.
- Use multi grain flour for a healthier version of this roti.
Make sure the the dough is equally distributed.
- Dust the dough in between rolling, if needed. 

Palak Roti

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