Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Black & White Wednesday #118

I'm so happy to announce the Black and White Wednesday #118 event @ my blog.This event was initially started by Susan of The well-Seasoned CookWich was passed on & now being managed by Cinzia of Cindystar.

Simple rules: 

1. Send in a Black & White or a monochromatic pic of a food or something represents food.

2. A file size should be as mentioned below:
For portrait/500 wide & 700 long
- For landscape/700 wide & 500 long or 600 square
3. Send in your Pics to Valli.sunil@gmail.com with below details: 

- Subject : BWW#118
- Name
- Title of pic
- Url to your page 
4. Event starts from 19th Feb14 & ends on 26th Feb14.

5.Non bloggers can send in your pics to the above mail id & I would be happy to post it for you. 

6. For queries you can leave a comment below.


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