Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Endu Kobbari Karam | Spicy Dry Coconut Powder

Endu Kobbari Karam

Kobbari podi or kobbari karam is a spice powder that can be enjoyed as it is along with or can also be used as a curry powder to flavor up a dish.

Endu Kobbari Karam
Prep Time-10mins | Cook time-5Mins | Yields-4Servings
1Cup grated dry coconut
5Red chili's 
4Garlic cloves 
1Tsp cumin
- Heat a pan & dry roast red chili's, garlic & cumin. roast till red chili's & cumin are fried to little darker shade.
- Switch off heat & allow them to cool before grinding. 
- Grind coconut, salt & the roasted ingredients coarsely.
- Adjust salt if needed & transfer it to a air tight container.
- Store it in a air tight container for freshness. 
- This stays good for 2 weeks. Make in small batches.
- Don't use fresh grated coconut. 

Endu Kobbari Karam

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  1. We always stock this in our pantry..such useful one..

  2. Lovely podi. We too make something similar to this and call it chammandi podi.

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  3. Flavourful podi..idly and neyyi veskunitinte sooper untadi:)

  4. wow that is one flavorful podi :) i wud like to them in curries !! lovely recipe dear !!

  5. Even I make this podi once in a while. Spicy, flavorful and perfect with steaming rice.

  6. That is such a multi purpose podi. Bookmarked to try soon.

  7. Very interesting. I learnt something new. The pictures look great.

  8. I love all the coconut in this - must be so good in a curry

  9. My MIL makes it a little more fiery..A popular one at home!

  10. It is so handy to have this at home! Love the deep color of the podi :)