Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cucumber Kimchi (Oi Kimchi)

Cucumber Kimchi
Kimchi is a Korean side dish & also a national dish which is fermented under ground from couple of days to months for a perfect taste. This dish is mainly made of napa cabbage & other vegetables to which seasonings are added to flavor up the dish. 
Kimchi is not a vegetarian dish as it has fish sauce, but it can be made vegetarian by avoiding the sauce from it. I made Cucumber kimchi or Oi Kimchi where Oi means Cucumber in korean. This is a instant kimchi that is enjoyed by koreans mostly in summer. I got this recipe from here & loved it as it tasted.

Cucumber Kimchi
Prep Time-20mins | Yields-6 Servings
1Big Cucumber / 2cups bite size chopped cucumber 
1Cup chopped onions 
3Scallions / spring onions
2Garlic pods chopped or minced 
2Tsp sea salt / rock salt 
2Tsp red chili powder / cayenne pepper powder (Adjust according to your spiciness)
1Tbs vinegar 
2Tsp honey
1Tbs sesame seeds 
- Wash & clean wipe the cucumber before cutting it in to pieces. Now cut them to bite size pieces.

- Chop the scallions in to equal pieces & keep aside. 
- In a wide pan take cucumbers, scallions, onions & garlic.

- Now add salt, vinegar, chili powder, sugar & sesame seeds.
- Mix them well using spatula & kimchi is ready. 
- Transfer kimchi to a air tight container & allow it to ferment for 8hrs.
- After 8hrs refrigerate it & enjoy it along with rice.
- You can avoid fermenting and enjoy the dish as it is. 
- It stays good for 1 week when refrigerated. 

Cucumber Kimchi

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