Monday, December 8, 2014

Paneer Pakora

Paneer Pakora
Pakoras/Fritters are a easy to make snack. With a mix of few simple ingredients you can make any kind of pakora in minutes. You can use you choice of veggies in making pakoras. Onion pakora, aloo pakora, plantain pakora, eggplant pakora & few more are the most common one's. But you don't have to limit them just to veggies & can sure enjoy them with paneer, tofu or any choice of your meat too.
I made these paneer pakoras as a evening snack & they turned out to be awesome. The spices & lemon juice sure make this pakora's tempting. Pakora's don't need any side chutneys, but if you want you can enjoy them with ketch up, green chutney or any side dip of you choice. 
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Paneer Pakora
Prep Time-10mins 
Cook Time-15mins 
20Bite size paneer pieces 
Oil for deep frying
For Batter
3Tbs gram flour 
1&1/2Tbs rice flour
3Tbs water 
1/2Tsp lemon juice
2Tsp chili powder {adjust as needed}
2Tsp ginger garlic paste 
1Tsp coriander powder 
2Drops red food color
Salt to taste 
- In a bowl take all the batter ingredients other than water.  Mix them all with 3tbs water  to a smooth thick paste. Adjust salt & chili powder if needed.
- Heat a deep pan with oil.  Add a drop of batter & it should lift back immediately. Oil is ready for frying.
- Roll paneer pieces in the batter & coat them well around with it. 
- Drop in the batter coated pieces one by one as many as the pan fits. 
- Fry them on both sides to crisp. Remove pakoras on to a paper towel layered plate. 
- Add in the next batch off paneer pieces & repeat the same. 
- Serve them with finely sliced onions & chopped coriander leaves. 
- While frying don't overload the pan with battered pieces. Leave them some space to fry all around. 
- You can totally skip food color in the batter. Pakora will look dark yellow in color instead of red. 
- Replace paneer pieces with your choice of veggie to make some delicious pakoras. 
Paneer Pakora
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