Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mor Kuzhambu | Majjiga Pulusu

Mor Kuzhambu
Majjiga Pulusu/Mor Kuzhambu is a buttermilk dish, in which buttermilk is cooked along with spices to perfection. I have already few mor kuzhambu recipes & here I'm sharing one more recipe which is my mom's version of this dish. The only difference is I used raw rice instead of channa dal or besan to thicken the pulusu. Adding okra's is totally optional & you can easily omit it. I came across a recipe few days back & loved the idea of adding fried okra to it. You can also add your choice of steamed veggies to the dish for more flavor.
Mor Kuzhambu
Prep Time-45mins {30mins soaking + 15mins for prepping}
Cook Time-20mins 
Pairs well with rice, chutney & dry curry.
2Cups thick curd
1&1/2Cups water
1/2Tsp turmeric
15 okra's thinly sliced 
Few curry leaves 
1Tbs oil 
Salt to taste
To Grind 
1/2Tsp black peppers 
2Tsp rice
2Tsp cumin
1Tsp coriander
1/2Cup grated coconut 
small piece of ginger 
4Red chili's 
1/4Cup water
For Tempering/Tadka/Popu
2Tbs oil 
1Tsp mustard seeds
1Tsp cumin 
3Red chili's cut equally 
1/2Tsp hing 
Soaking & Grinding
- Soak rice, cumin & coriander in little water for 30mins. 
- Grind the soaked ingredients along with black peppers, coconut, ginger & red chili's to smooth paste while adding water to it.
Cooking Okra 
- Heat pan with 1Tbs oil. To that add the thinly sliced okra & fry them to crisp. It might take 15mins to get crisp okra. Once they are crisp switch off heat & keep them aside.
Making majjiga pulusu
- Heat a deep pan with little oil. To that add the grind ingredients which is little liquidly. Cook on low heat till the raw smell goes off.
- Mean while whisk turmeric, curd & water to a smooth liquid. Add this to the cooked masala paste along with curry leaves, salt & mix in well. Adjust salt if needed.
- Cook on low heat & bring it to boil. Continue to cook on low heat.
- Mean while prepare the tadka by heat a pan with oil. Add in mustards, jeera, red chili's & hing. Once the mustard starts jumping switch off heat. 
- Add popu to the pulusu along with fried okra & mix them. Switch off heat.
- Serve mor kuzhambu /majjiga pulusu warm or cold along with rice.
- If you feel the curd mixture is still thick add in little extra water to liquify it. 
- Adding fried okra is optional.
- I love serving majjiga pulusu cold rather than warm. You can feel the flavor in it when it is cold rather than warm.
- Don't cook this dish on high heat, it will break the buttermilk structure & will make it watery. 
Mor Kuzhambu
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