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Green Peas Cutlets

Green Peas Cutlets

Green Peas Cutlets are a easy to make snack or appetizer. They can be served as a party starter or can be enjoyed as a teatime snack too. Cutlets can be deep-fried or can be pan-fried, so in this recipe I pan-fried them to keep them light on tummy with no compromise in taste. So here I'm sharing a simple recipe for yummy cutlets, which will make your taste buds happy. 
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Green Peas Cutlets

Prep Time-30mins
Cook Time-15mins
Serves-10Cutlets, 5People
2Small potatoes 
1Big carrot finely chopped 
1/2Cup green peas
1Onion Finely chopped 
3Garlic cloves minced 
15Mint leaves chopped 
1/4Cup breadcrumbs + 1/4Cup breadcrumbs to coat the patties
1Tsp chili powder {adjust as needed}
2Tsp garam masala 
2Tsp amchur powder 
Salt to taste 
1Tbs oil
Oil for frying cutlets {pan frying}
- Steam boil potatoes. Peel the skin off & keep them aside.
- Heat a pan with 1tbs oil. To that add onions & garlic mince. Cook them till onions are little soft. 
- Add in carrots & green peas to pan. Stir them with onions & cook them on low heat with a closed lid for 10mins. If carrots are cooked perfectly then switch off heat or cook for few more until carrots are cooked. Switch off heat & allow them to cool.
- In a bowl add potatoes, veggie mix & mint leaves. Smash them to a smooth paste with no lumps. 
- Add in 1/4cup breadcrumbs, chili powder, garam masala, amchur powder & enough salt. Mix them well & balance the salt & chili powder if needed. Divide the mix in to 10 equal balls. 
- Take 1/4cup of breadcrumbs in a bowl. Now take a ball of mix & press it to get a circle shape. Coat it with the breadcrumbs on both sides. Repeat the same with rest of the balls.
- Mean while heat pan with little oil. Place the patties in frying pan as many as it fits & cook them on each side till they are little crisp. 
- Remove them on to a plate & repeat with rest of them. 
- Enjoy this cutlets along with ketchup, green chutney, sweet mango chutney or any of your choice one's. 
- Add in a 1Tsp of cumin coriander powder for much added flavor. 
- I used extra hot chili powder, so adjust the chili powder as needed.
- I added the breadcrumbs to make stiff patties. 
Green Peas Cutlets
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