Friday, December 19, 2014

Carrot Cabbage Palya {Udupi Brahmin Style Curry}

For this week theme on BM I'm showcasing "Karnataka Dishes". Today I'm sharing a recipe from "Udupi Cuisine". Enjoy the dishes & don't miss the updates. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 47.
Palya is a Karnataka style side dish. This curry is easy to make & taste delicious with the blend of ingredients we use in making them. 
I'm sharing Udupi brahmin style palya here. It's little different from the other palya's I make, but the taste was tempting & we loved it. I love to mix & match veggies when making palya's, but you can just go with single veggie at a time. Green beans, cabbage, carrots, cluster beans, Ivy gourds are my favorite veggies & love to make comforting palya with them. 
Enjoy this comforting no onion no garlic dish.
Adapted from here.
Prep Time-10mins 
Cook Time-30mins
Pairs with rice & chapati.
2Cups chopped cabbage 
1Cup chopped carrots 
2Tbs oil 
1Tsp mustard 
1Tsp jeera/cumin 
2Red chili's broken in to half 
1/2Tsp hing 
Few curry leaves 
Salt to taste 
To grind 
3Tbs grated coconut
2Red chili's 
1/2Tsp mustard seeds
1/2Tsp turmeric 
2Tbs tamarind pulp 
- Heat pan with oil. Add mustard, jeera & red chili's to it. Once the mustard starts jumping add hing & curry leaves. 
- Next add in cabbage & carrot to pan along with salt. Close pan with lid & cook for 10mins on low heat. Check carrots if it's cooked well. If not cook veggie's with a closed lid for 5mins more. 
- Mean while grind grind the ingredients under grind coarsely. Once the veggies are cooked well add in the grind mixture to pan. 
- Mix them & adjust taste if needed. Cook on low heat for 5mins & switch off heat. 
- Palya is ready to serve. 
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