Thursday, December 18, 2014

Beetroot Sukka

Beetroot Sukka
Sukka is a Mangalorean side dish. This dish is a blend of dal, spices & coconut mixture. In my research for a Mangalorean dish I discovered that Sukka is mainly a non-vegetarian dish & has different versions too. 
The version I tried is very similar to the curry I use to have in Bangalore restaurants. At that time for me any curry that is sprinkled generously with coconut was a palya & nothing else. Eventually when food blogging became part of my life I was enlightened with all the different versions of them. I came across two versions of this recipe & tried to re create the dish with my sweet memories from Bangalore. 
I like to grate carrots & beetroots as they cook fast rather than when they are chopped. I'm against to boiling vegetables as they loose the nutritional values so went a head with grated beetroots as they cook fast, but you can use chopped pieces to make this curry. This curry is comforting & delicious. You would love to make it many more times for sure. Enjoy!!!

Beetroot Sukka
Adapted from here & here.
Prep Time-8hrs + 10mins {soaking dal+prepping}
Cook Time-20mins
Pair this curry with rice & chapati. 
2Cups grated or chopped beetroot
2Tbs black channa dal/kala chana {soaked overnight}
1Tsp tamarind pulp
1Tsp jaggery
Salt to taste
For seasoning/Tadka/Popu
3Tsp oil
1Tsp mustard
Few curry leaves
2Red chili's broken in to half
To grind 
1/2Cup {fresh or dried}
1Tsp coriander seeds
3Garlic cloves
2Tsp jeera
4Red chili's
- As mentioned above soak chana overnight.
- Heat pan with oil. To that add mustard, red chili's & curry leaves. Once the mustard starts jumping add in soaked chana to pan. Cook with a close lid for 5mins.
- Add in beetroot & enough salt. Cook with a closed lid for 10mins.
- Meanwhile dry roast coriander seeds, jeera & red chili's to brown in color. Cool them before grinding.
- Grind garlic & roasted ingredients to smooth powder. Next add in coconut & grind coarsely.
- By now beetroot would be cooked perfectly. Mix tamarind & jaggery to curry.
- Next add in grind mixture to pan & mix them well. Cook on low heat for 5 mins. Switch off heat.
- Sukka is ready to serve.
Beetroot Sukka
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