Monday, November 24, 2014

Chana Dal Fry

Chana Dal Fry
I'm truly a dal fan & when I say dal it is not limited to just one, but my love is spread to the whole dal community. Every dal is unique in taste also the best protein source for vegetarians. Though I'm a "Ovo Lacto Vegetarian" I love adding them more than couple of times a week in our diet. 
Chana dal fry is a simple & easy punjabi style dal fry dish.Though the original recipe has onions & garlic, but the recipe I'm sharing is a "No Onion No Garlic" with less of masala too. 
Chana Dal Fry
Prep Time-1hr15mins {soaking+arranging}
Cook Time-1hr 
Pairs with rice, roti, naan & chapati.
1Cup chana dal 
2Cups water
4Tomatoes finely chopped 
1Tsp grated ginger 
2Green chili's slit to half
1/2Tsp turmeric 
1Tbs coriander cumin powder
1&1/2Tsp chili powder {adjust as needed}
1Tsp amchur powder or 2Tsp lemon juice {adjust as needed}
Salt to taste 
1Tsp mustard seeds 
1Tsp cumin/jeera
2Tbs oil
2Tbs coriander chopped for garnish
- Clean chana dal with water & soak them with enough water for 30mins to 1hr. 
- Pressure cook chana dal with 2Cups water for 2whistles. 
- Heat pan with oil. Add mustard & cumin to it. Once the mustard starts add in green chili's & ginger to pan. Fry for few seconds. 
- Next add in tomatoes with enough salt & cook with a closed lid. 
- Once the tomatoes are smooth then add in turmeric powder, amchur powder, chili powder & coriander cumin powder to pan. Mix & cook for 2mins. 
- Add in cooked chana dal to tomato mixture & mix them well. Add 1/2cup water if needed & cook on low heat for 5mins. 
- Adjust salt & chili powder if needed. Next add the coriander to pan & switch off heat. 
- Serve warm & enjoy.
- If you are using lemon juice then add it at the end along with coriander & mix it nicely. 
- I mashed the dal before adding to pan. So it's your choice if you want to mash it or leave as it is. 
Chana Dal Fry
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