Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lemon Buttermilk | Nimmakaya Majjiga

Lemony Buttermilk
Summers are hot, sweaty & sometimes very dry in India. A refreshing drink that can make you feel good is all you need sometimes. Here is a drink for those hot hot summer days, which is also a favorite drink from my childhood days. This was served in our school to students as the summer starts. Sometimes it use to be accompanied with boiled broken wheat which is not refined. The combination use to be awesome.
Coming to this drink lemony buttermilk, onions, & lemon juice are the good cooling agents for the body. So this drink is best for the hot summer days as it cools your body & keeps you happy. 
Enjoy this refreshing drink!!!
Lemony Buttermilk
Prep Time-10mins
Sitting Time-30mins
1Cup thick curd
1Cup water {Adjust as needed}
2Tbs finely chopped onions
Few curry leaves finely chopped
1&1/2Tsp lemon juice {Adjust as needed}
Salt to taste
- In a bowl mix curd & water. It comes to a smooth liquid consistency.
- Add in chopped onion, lemon juice & salt. Mix them & adjust salt if needed.
- Crush the chopped curry leaves using your hands & add to the buttermilk mix.
- Allow it to sit in refrigerator for 30mins to mingle the flavors well.
- Serve it chilled.
- If the curd you are using is little watery then adjust water accordingly.
- Instead of curd you can use 2cups buttermilk & add little water if needed..
Lemony Buttermilk
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  1. Never heard of onions in butter milk..even adding lemon juice to it is new to me.

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