Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jadoh {Khasi Pulao}

Khasi Pulao

Jadoh is a rice dish which is mild in flavor & taste. It slightly resembles pulao/pilaf but with out much of spices. This Meghalaya dish, originated from Khasi region is traditionally a non-vegetarian one & I tried making it almost authentic & vegetarian. 

Khasi Pulao
Prep Time-5mins | Cook Time-30mins | Serves-2people
Adapted From: Indian Recipes
2Cups basmati rice 
3Cups + 2/3Cups Water
2Carrots chopped
1Medium onion
1Tbs ginger paste
1/2 Tsp turmeric
2Tbs black peppers powdered
5 Bay leaves 
1Tbs oil + 1Tbs ghee
1/4Cup mint leaves
Salt to taste
4Boiled eggs {optional}
Coriander for garnish
- Heat pan with oil + ghee. Add bay leaves, onions & ginger to pan. Saute for few seconds till the raw smell of ginger goes off. 
- To the same pan add carrots, turmeric & black pepper powder. Cook for 1min & switch off heat. 
- Wash rice with lots of water & to that add the cooked masala along with water.
- Mix enough salt & mint leaves to cooker. Taste & adjust salt if needed. 
- Cook rice as per your convenience. {Pressure cooker, electric cooker & stove top}
- Once rice is done garnish it with cilantro & boiled eggs. 
- Serve it along with a gravy dish of your choice. 
- You can use any choice of short grained Indian rice in place of basmati.
Khasi Pulao
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