Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dalma {Orissa Dish}


Dalma is a classic Orissa dish, which is made of dal & vegetables cooked together along with mild spices. This dish is mildly spiced & tastes perfect along with rice & chapati. While doing a research on this dish I came to know that this dish is offered to "Lord Jagannatha", though it would be a onion less version. 

Prep Time-10mins | Cook Time-30mins | Serves-2people
Adapted from: Oriya Food & Recipe
1/4Cup + 2Tbs toor dal {kandi pappu}
1Cup water
1Medium onion chopped
3Brinjals chopped in to cubes
1Medium potato chopped in to cubes
1Cup bottle guard chopped in to cubes
1/4Tsp turmeric 
2Tsp panch phoran mix {mustard, jeera, kala jeera, fennel, fenugreek seeds}
2Red chili's cut equally
2Bay leaves
2Tbs grated coconut
1Tbs ginger chopped
Coriander for garnish
1Tbs ghee
Salt to taste
To grind 
1Tsp jeera 
5Red chili's 
- Wash dal with lots of water. Pressure cook it along with potato & bottle guard for 2 whistles. Switch off heat & allow it to cool.
- Mean while in a pan dry roast cumin & red chili's till cumin turns slight dark. Switch off heat & allow it to cool. Grind it to a powder & keep aside. 
- Heat pan with ghee, to that add red chili's, turmeric & panch phoron mix. Later add ginger & bay leaves. 
- Stir for few seconds & add onions to pan. Add brinjal to pan. 
- Close pan with lid & cook brinjal till they are done. 
- Now transfer dal to pan. Add salt & jeera chili mix to dal & mix well.
- Cook for 2mins & garnish with coconut. Switch off heat.
- Serve along with rice & chapati / roti.
- The recipes I was checking for are asking for Pumpkin & raw banana, which weren't it available for me, so do add them for better taste.
- You wont see coriander in my dish image, as there was none left in my kitchen. Use it while your are making this dish.

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