Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Avocado Garlic Naan

For this weeks blogging marathon I'm showcasing "Naan" recipes. Today I'm sharing recipe for "Avocado Garlic Naan with no yeast".Check this Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#38.

Avocado Garlic Naan

Naan is a flat bread that has many varieties & is adapted, modified based on the local cuisine. You can tweak the dish according to your taste buds wish. The varieties include few of these plain naan, stuffed naan, butter naann.. etc. Here is a avocado garlic naan I experimented mixing two different flours & loved it. It is not a stuffed naan but I modified the basic naan by adding the avocado pulp, which gave a creamy taste to the dish. 

Avocado Garlic Naan
Prep Time-2hrs | Cook Time -15mins | yields-10naans
1Cup all purpose flour

1Cup atta flour
1/2Tsp baking powder
1/4Tsp baking soda
3Tsp yogurt

1/4Cup milk
1Tsp sugar 
4Tsp oil
Salt for taste
1Full avocado deseeded & scooped
2Tbs butter @ room temperature

3Garlic minced
Making Dough:
- In a bowl mix all purpose flour, atta flour, 
yogurt, baking powder, soda, avocado, salt & sugar.
- Knead it to form a dough. Add oil & knead it well. Adjust salt if needed. 
- Keep this dough closed with a wet cloth. Allow it to sit for at least 1hr.

- Mix minced with butter & keep aside.
Making Naan:

Avocado Garlic Naan
- Divide dough in to equal balls. Dust them with flour. 
Avocado Garlic Naan
- Using a rolling pin roll naan as shown above.

Avocado Garlic Naan
- Heat pan with butter. Place a naan on pan. Brush it with water & close it with a lid. Cook on medium heat.

Avocado Garlic Naan
- Leaves for more than 20sec without disturbing. You can see bubble forming as above. Now brush some garlic butter & flip naan. Brush it with garlic butter on the cooked side too. 
- Cook on the other side till you see brown spots. Transfer to a plate & serve warm. 
- Repeat the same with rest of the naan's. 

Avocado Garlic Naan

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