Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ugadi Pachadi | Ugadi Chutney

*Happy Ugadi Friends*

Ugadi pachadi

Ugadi/Yugadi or Gudi Padwa represents a start of new year & is celebrated in Andhra, Karnataka & Maharashtra. On this day we make a chutney with 6 different taste which are called "Shadruchulu" in telugu & is offered to god.

On this day they make purnam poli or obbatu is made of channa dal & jaggrey as filling. Along with it they also make pulihora which is believed auspicious to offer yellow rice to god. 
Here I'm sharing one of my grand mom's recipe. She finishes the dish with a seasoning & definitely that makes the dish much tastier.

Ugadi Pachadi


1/2Cup tamarind juice or 1Tbs Tamarind pulp mixed in 1/2cup water 
1/2Banana mashed
1/4Mango sliced to small pieces 
3Green chili's / 1/2Tsp chili powder
1Tsp neem flowers
2Tsp grated jaggery 
Salt to taste
1Tsp ghee
1/4Tsp mustard
1/4Tsp jeera

Ugadi pachadi

- In a wide vessel add all the above ingredients & mix them well. Adjust the taste if needed. 
- Heat a pan with ghee. To that add mustard & jeera. Once mustard starts jumping add it to the chutney. 

Ugadi pachadi

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