Friday, May 8, 2015

Masala Corn Chaat Recipe | How to make masala corn chaat

Masala Corn is a tempting chaat for cold winter evenings. This is a easy & kid friendly chaat which can be made in very less time. In process of making it you can use a microwave to finish it off easily or you can also pan fry corn in making this dish. You can simply leave onions & carrots out of this dish to make it buttery sweet & flavorful. I love carrot in any chaat, so added a little more than needed. Enjoy this healthy chaat !!! 
Prep Time-5mins 
Cook Time-2&1/2mins 
1Cup fresh corn kernels or frozen
1Tbs butter
1/2Cup grated carrot
1/4Cup finely chopped onions
1/4Tsp garam masala/Chaat masala
1/2Tsp chili powder 
1Tsp lemon juice {Adjust as needed}
Salt to taste 
Chopped coriander leaves for garnish
- In a microwavable bowl take corn kernels & sprinkle with little water. Microwave for 2mins on high. Check if corn kernels are cooked soft.
- To the same bowl add butter, garam masala, salt & mix them. Microwave for 1/2min & remove from microwave. Cool the mixture before adding onions. 
- Add in onions, carrot, chili powder & lemon juice. Mix them well. Adjust taste if needed. 
- Garnish with coriander & serve right away.
- I used garam masala instead of chaat masala. It's your choice.
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  1. I want to finish that bowl of masala corn... makes me hungry..

  2. Best naashta to have during breaks of the day. Sounds so yummy.

  3. perfect tea time snack. Yummy

  4. I live this snack. I don't add carrots to it. Will try it with carrots the next time I make this sweet corn.

  5. That is such a fresh and delicious salad. Love the addition of colorful carrots.

  6. such a beautiful salad!!! so healthy!!

  7. Such beautiful this masala corn anytime..