Monday, May 11, 2015

Re Cap of Baked Event " Fire Up Your Oven"

For one long month excluding Sundays we friends at Blogging Marathon have featured yummy baked dishes under the theme "Fire Up Your Oven". Enjoy the round up. 

Day 2 <-> Baked Asparagus

Day 4 <-> Cabbage Fritters

Day 6 <-> Orange Cupcakes

Day 8 <-> Brownies

Day 11 <-> Baked Omelette 

Day 12 <-> Baked French Toast

Day 14 <-> Scrambled Eggs

Day 15 <-> Baked Granola

Day 16 <-> Egg in the Hole

Day 17 <-> Onion Samosa

Day 18 <-> Fried Moong Dal

Day 20 <-> Masala Vada

Day21 <-> Baked Green Peas

Day 22 <-> Kanda Poha

Day 23 <-> Gobi 65

Day 26 <-> Masala Corn

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  1. Loved the round of Fire up your oven theme....all the recipes have been tempting me so bad for all these days

  2. Amazing collection. Each of them so tempting.

  3. beautiful recap!!! all the bakes are super delicious and the clicks are awesome..